‘Tia Mowry Is Punching the Air Right Now’: Cory Hardrict Says He’s ‘Back Outside’ Following 14-Year Marriage to Tia Mowry as She Reveals her H.O.E. Phase

Actor Cory Hardrict is starring in a new film called “Divorce in The Black,” directed by Hollywood power player Tyler Perry. His co-star is divorcée Meagan Good.

While promoting the movie during the American Black Film Festival, Hardrict shared that his role helped him out as he navigated his recent split and the end of his marriage to Tia Mowry. He joked he’s “back outside,” leading many to think that he might be ready to start dating.

The extremely private “All American: Homecoming” star joined Good on a press day at the festival and sat with Baller Alert’s Angie B to promote their project.

Cory Hardrict is "back outside" as ex-wife Tia Mowry reveals her "H.O.E." phase
“All American: Homecoming” star Cory Hardrict says he’s “outside” during an interview after ex-wife Tia Mowry reveals her “H.O.E.” phase. (Photos: @coryhardrict/Instagram; @tiamowry/Instagram)

“Divorce in the Black” is a thriller where a young bank professional becomes devastated when her husband abandons their marriage before all the twists and turns they learn about each other after he leaves.

Hardrict says Perry called him personally to play the role of the husband, who he declares is nothing like him.

“Has playing Dallas [his character in the movie] helped you heal or had any type of revelation on your personal life?,” Angie B asked.

Hardict was very careful in how he answered, saying, “I would say that the character Dallas and Cory, like, they’re in no way like the same.”

“But this character is out there in the world,” he added. “So, I felt like when I look at a character I see what could I bring to it … some type of authenticity … some rawness … some truths.”

“I felt like it was all there, so, like I said, without getting into like my personal life, I just feel like we all go through things in life and sometimes you need outlets,” Hardrict continued. “This film was a big outlet for me to get it all out and put it all into to the camera.”

“So, every emotion that I was channeling during you know those times I was able to display, it was real and it was honest,” he explained. “We all felt it on set. All our performances were honest because you know we have those emotions built up and that’s what was so great about doing this movie.”

Then he burst out and said, “So, yeah, it helped me out. I’m blessed and highly favored. I’m outside. Listen, I’m excited. I ain’t been outside in ten years.”

He later clarified, saying he is not really “outside” but that he is “working.”

One person in the YouTube comment section said, “Tia Mowry is punching the air right now,” referencing his ex-wife, who has been very public about her post-marriage life, including staring in a new reality series about what’s next for her.

Unlike her ex, Mowry is outside and loves playing with the public. Last month, she made fan believe she had a new “boo” after having a friend seductively feed her a pickle on camera. Recently, she made a post about entering her “H.O.E.” phase on Instagram. While the colloquial use of the word is derogatory, the newly divorced twin has found a way to repurpose the term.

For her, it means, “Happiness Over Everything,” something that all are trying to achieve in this new era of their lives.

Many believed that Perry exploited both Hardrict and Good’s recent divorces.

DeVon Franklin, 45, and Good, 42, tied the knot in June 2012, but their marriage ended in June 2022 following Franklin’s 2021 filing, which cited irreconcilable differences. In a similar narrative, Mowry announced to the world in October 2022 her decision to part ways with Hardrict, finalizing their marriage of 14 years in April 2023.

But the two openly Christian men have been very respectful not to blame their former partners or jump into the dating pool too easily.

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