‘I Was Crying Myself to Sleep at Night’: Cory Hardrict Says He Struggled for a Year and a Half After Divorce from Tia Mowry

Actor Cory Hardrict is finally breaking his silence on his painful breakup with former child star and his ex-wife, Tia Mowry.

The news of their pending divorce rocked the world when Mowry posted on social media in October 2022 that she decided to part ways with Hardrict. Their marriage of 14 years ended officially when the divorce was finalized in April 2023. Now, fans are getting a small peek into the torment that “The Chi” actor has been going through over the last few years.

cory hardrict struggled after tia mowry divorce
“All American: Homecoming” star Cory Hardrict opens up about post divorce life from ex-wife Tia Mowry. (Photos: @coryhardrict/Instagram, @tiamowry/Instagram)

In an interview at the American Black Film Festival, Hardrict let his guard all the way down and shared some of his challenges of being a private man and working through his pain.

While sitting on a panel he said, “It’s tough when it feels like you’re going through something alone and no one understands and no one’s there for you,” in a clip from the discussion online.

“It’s just like, you know, you’re a man. Especially like as a Black man, you know, he’s tough… he’s strong but, you know, it was a year and a half crying myself to sleep every night,” he continued, “Nobody sees that. You live 5 minutes away from your babies, you know I’m saying.”

“Because people would know Cory Hardrict know that his kids and his family was everything to him,” he stated, before sharing, “I’m stronger than I thought I was. I’m really stronger and that’s by the Grace or God this guy … I’m here and I’m still going.”

The Flossyinformer posted the short clip on their Instagram, where many of their 114,000 followers chimed in with a lot of different responses.

One person asked, “Well if that’s the case why didn’t u stay and fight,” before someone quickly replied with the challenge, “You don’t know if he stayed and fought and pleaded and begged, then the wife said no and made her mind what will the man do beg please please don’t go, you can’t force people to be with you and people do fight but the other person just isn’t having it. What’s next move on!”

A third person said, “Tell us what caused the divorce and then I’ll decide if you deserve my sympathy!!” in the comment section of the original post by Sisters Sipping the Tea. Another chimed in by adding, “Aww yall might find yall way back to each other.”

A part of picking up the pieces for Hardrict is working.

Currently he plays the lead in Tyler Perry’s new film, “Divorce in The Black,” opposite his Meagan Good, who also is recently divorced.

At an earlier, more private interview at the ABFF film festival, the “All American: Homecoming” star sat with Baller Alert’s Angie B and his co-star to talk about the upcoming thriller.

While the movie is centered around a couple getting divorce, he explained that he is nothing like his character, Dallas.

Hardrict was then asked if his own divorce played a part in him accessing the role or if the role somehow helped him in life, he said, “I felt like it was all there, so, like I said, without getting into like my personal life, I just feel like we all go through things in life and sometimes you need outlets. This film was a big outlet for me to get it all out and put it all into to the camera.”

“So, every emotion that I was channeling during you know those times I was able to display, it was real and it was honest,” he confessed. “We all felt it on set. All our performances were honest because you know we have those emotions built up and that’s what was so great about doing this movie.”

Then he burst out and said, “So, yeah, it helped me out. I’m blessed and highly favored. I’m outside. Listen, I’m excited. I ain’t been outside in ten years.”

He later clarified, saying he is not really “outside” but that he is “working.”

Fans were not initially happy about Hardrict or Good doing the film, saying that Perry was exploiting them because of their high-profile divorces.

However, both actors believe the project is solid and are encouraging people to come give the film a chance.

“Divorce In The Black” premieres on Amazon Prime’s streaming service on July 11.

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