‘What This Lady Did to Steve’: Steve Harvey Shares First Photo with Majorie In Over Eight Months Since Accusations She Cheated With Staff

Steve Harvey’s latest Instagram post might put the brakes on rumors that his marriage with Marjorie Harvey is on the rocks.

The speculation began last year when unsubstantiated allegations circulated on X (formerly Twitter) that Majorie had been unfaithful to the 67-year-old comedian with at least two different men, including one of Steve’s bodyguards and his personal chef. The couple have repeatedly denied the claims — with Majorie even hitting back at naysayers with a Bible verse on social media.

Speculation reached a fever pitch in recent months as fans noticed something curious about the TV host’s official Instagram: Marjorie was absent from all the photos. People clamored to know, “Where’s Majorie???

steve harvey, marjorie harvey anniversary post
Steve Harvey’s anniversary post to wife Marjorie Harvey backfires months after cheating accusations. (Photo: @Iamsteveharveytv/Instagram)

Stop the presses! Steve took to Instagram on June 24, tagging Marjorie, to post about their romantic anniversary celebration at a seaside resort. The photos just might put a stop to the rumor mill (though we wouldn’t bet on it).

Marjorie commented, “Happy 17th Anniversary, My Love,” with photos showing the two embracing each other against an ocean backdrop. One photo showed their swanky hotel room suite filled with red rose bouquets and rose petals strewn across the floor.

Lori Harvey, Majorie’s 27-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, chimed in with the comment, “Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids.”

When the couple wed in 2007, they blended their respective families, and Steve adopted Majorie’s children. They are parents to seven grown children and are now grandparents to seven.

The last time Steve posted about his wife was 36 weeks ago for her birthday with the caption: “Happy Birthday to my Queen @majorie_harvey I love you.”

Her long absence from his social media did not go unnoticed by fans. In the quiet stretch between the two posts, Steve favored behind-the-scenes clips of “Family Feud” and showed off his snappy wardrobe.

But on June 8, there was a sudden renewed interest in the state of their marriage when Steve celebrated an incredible achievement, posting several photos — without tagging Marjorie.

He highlighted a successful program of the Steven and Majorie Harvey Foundation, which the couple launched together in 2010, posting shots of the team responsible for the “Girls Who Run the World” mentoring program.  Eagle-eyed fans inquired about Marjorie’s absence, some joking that perhaps she was the one behind the camera taking the photos.

Steve has admitted to being unfaithful in previous relationships but swore his loyalty to Marjorie in an interview with People in 2012. “Marjorie changed the way I existed,” he enthused. “I’d never been in a healthy adult relationship. I’d never been loyal, I’d never been fully respected,” he said at the time.

At the peak of the divorce rumors last May, Steve spoke off the cuff about marriage to a male audience member of “Family Feud” in between filming, and the clip surfaced on X. He said, “You can be happy, or you can be right.” Many felt he was talking about his own relationship.

He continued: “And marriage is not 50-50. Anybody told you that … marriage is 85-15. And guess who got the 15?”

But not long after the “Family Feud” gaffe, during an acceptance speech at the Grio Awards in November, he spoke glowingly of Marjorie.

“That woman right there [has] been down with me like four flat tires,” Steve said. “That woman has been faithful to me, loyal to me. 85% of what y’all up here [are] talking to me about happened after I married that girl right there.”

Judging by his recent post, the couple seems to be the picture of wedded bliss on their anniversary, and commenters wished them well. “Happy Anniversary. Your haters are stroking out over your happiness and successful marriage,” read one. “Am happy to see you together,” quipped another.

“Yessssss !!!!!!!! don’t mind the naysayers,” exclaimed a supportive fan.

Inquisitive folks asked, “Is she not the one who cheated on you with your bodyguard?” and
“Tell me about the cheating allegations pls uncle.”

But others can’t let it go: “All ladies on this post are very happy for the couple but deep inside gents know what this lady did to Steve anyway lemme mind my own business.” As they say, rumors die hard. But not for long.

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