‘I Hope King Harris … Realizes This Ain’t No Damn Game’: Fans Urge T.I.’s Son to Wise Up Following the Death of Florida Rapper Foolio Who Threatened His Life

Jacksonville rapper Foolio, whose real name is Charles Jones, was fatally shot in the early hours of Sunday morning while celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn hotel, where he had rented a room after an Airbnb party he attended was shut down by police. Foolio’s attorney, Lewis Fusco, stated that Jones was “basically ambushed” at the hotel, according to News 4 Jax.

Just hours after the rapper’s death, his former rival King Harris, son of rapper T.I., posted a statement on his Instagram Story that seemed to address his peer’s death.

King Harris reacts to foolio's death
Fans warn King Harris following the death of 26-year-old Florida rapper, Foolio. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage; julio_foolio/Instagram)

The two rising artists have taken jabs at each other online in the past that sparked when Foolio questioned his “gangsta” credentials.

“Yall be safe out here,” King wrote, which many interpreted as the final jab.

In May 2024, the “FTA” artist criticized King for denying he was born into privilege.

In response to a video where King actually got into a tussle with his father over the son’s background of means, Foolio wrote, “Ion get why jit wanna be gangsta u grew up wit a silver spoon.”

King Harris Message After Foolio Was Murdered (Photo: the_next_king10/Instagram)

This comment sparked a heated exchange on social media, with Harris challenging Foolio to a boxing match.

“Julio Foolio get your b—ch a— in the boxing ring, n—ga. Wanna speak on me? I hear a lot of these n—gas got so much to say and they go viral, but when I tell them they can get in that boxing ring everybody wanna be f—king quiet,” 19-year-old Harris declared in a video.

Foolio’s response was dismissive, suggesting Harris find something better to do than bother him.

“I barely post or troll nomo king find u something productive to do before u be watching Netflix in heaven with our Lord and survivor,” he wrote only a month ago.

It seemed that the beef died down, but with King’s statements some are thinking that maybe he or his dad had something to do with the shooting.

Influencer Rap Facts News insinuated that maybe King or his dad “dropped a bag” on Foolio’s head, meaning paid to have him taken out. However, that is conjecture. There is no evidence that either of the Harris men had anything to do with his death.

People are also warning King to just leave his fascination with street life alone, because nothing good can come from it.

“I hope King Harris (TI’s son) realizes this ain’t no damn game. Foolio checked him not to long ago… Don’t make yourself a target!” one tweet read.

Over the last few years, Foolio and his crew, 6 Block/KTA, have long been embroiled in a violent feud with rival gang ATK, using controversial lyrics to chronicle the murders of their adversaries. This ongoing conflict has given rise to a new hip-hop genre known as “murder rap.”

Foolio’s notorious diss track “When I See You,” a remix of Fantasia’s hit, explicitly details the killings committed by his gang. The track was a response to an ATK song boasting about the murder of Foolio’s associates. Tragically, the song references the killing of rival Royale Smith, who was celebrating his birthday at the time.

“Went out to eat on his birthday (six)/ Four shot, three dead in the worst way (damn)/ He kept dissin’ on me (what happened?)/  Now we smokin’ 23,” he rapped.

On the night of his death, Foolio had been celebrating his 26th birthday at an Airbnb in Tampa.

According to Fusco, the party attracted too many people, causing the police to come and shut it down. The Florida native kept posting on his social media accounts, advertising the party’s location, which may have contributed to it being shut down.

Despite the police ending the party, Foolio wrote in his Story, “Best birthday evrrrr. Appreciate everybody who pulled up. We turnt up ’til we couldn’t no more. We on the way to the show now, y’all pull up.”

Fans on social media were shocked about Foolio’s slaying, including one who said, “Dying in your birthday it’s very sad” on X.

Many noted that Foolio has a history of releasing diss songs about other rappers, dead or alive over the last three years.

“All them disses to the dead caught up with him,” one person wrote on the Hollywood Unlocked Instagram page. Another wrote, “RIP to him but they always say the energy you put out in the world, you’ll definitely get it back 10 fold. If you listen to his music, you’d understand why I say this.”

“Gangsters used to rap to get out the hood, now rappers want to be gangsters n be in the hood,” someone posted. “This generation does everything backwards.”

King’s behavior has been closely scrutinized over the past few following a physical fight with his dad after an argument at an Atlanta Falcons game last year. He appeared to be angered by his dad and mom, Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ remarks confirming he grew up as a “silver spoon baby.”

“I do see some of the tenacity in King that I had. You know what I’m saying? Some of the gotta make it no matter what type s—t. Like, he really pushing like he came out the welfare line,” T.I. said on “The Breakfast Club” show last May.

“He’s really the personality that he has assumed for himself. And all in all, it’s really just a personality,” the father of 7 continued, “because he’s not out there selling no dope and committing crimes, and nothing like that.”

He added that King and his siblings — Zonnique, Deyjah, Messiah, Domani, Major, and Heiress —  could benefit from life lessons learned through struggle but he wouldn’t wish his tough upbringing on them.”

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