‘Legends Get Laid’: Jackée Harry Says Legends Are Never Lonely Months After Fans Discovered She Got Her ‘One Wish’ with Ray J 

Entertainer ad Actress Jackée Harry might be approaching 70, but she is still young at heart and hot on the prowl.

During an interview at the Daytime Emmy Awards with “Entertainment Tonight” correspondent Deidre Behar last Friday, Harry talked about her sex life. The “227” star also joked that “legends get laid,” therefore she has no problem finding a suitor.

“He’s fine, I can take him home,” she said after revealing she was presenting an award with actor Eric Marsden.

Jackée Harry recounts time when her 'main' man cheated on her but fans say she wasn't loyal herself.
Jackée Harry recounts time when her “main” man cheated on her but fans say she wasn’t loyal herself. (Photo: @jackeeharry/Instagram)

The reporter then asked the celebrity cougar about an interview the two did during the COVID-19 pandemic. Back then, Harry shared that things were very slow in the romance department.

Years later, it seems that the tables have turned and the spicy 227 actress is getting all the loving she can handle.

“Legends get laid and not lonely,” the 67-year-old told Behar, adding that she thinks she is off the market because she has found someone she likes.

When asked if the special fellow was at the event with her, Harry quickly stopped the young journalist in her tracks and gave her the game.

“I don’t bring them along. You got to care. I’m not in love,” she said. “Legends get laid but they should be in love.”

After saying her last comment was corny, she said, “I’m out by myself.”

The “Sister, Sister” star has to be careful when dating, not to be as Gayle King has put it “a nurse or a purse.” She also has to be mindful about getting with a gigolo or a cheater.

In September 2023, Harry took to social media to answer a X user’s question, the “craziest way you found out someone was cheating on you.”

“When I lived in New York, I was out shopping and happened to look up out of the store window. My main was climbing into a taxi with Beck with the red hair,” she posted on X.

Fans immediately caught that she said “main” and cracked up at the fact that she must have other boyfriends in the cut.

One person tweeted, “The fact that she said main I know that’s right how do you not love her.” 

While this might have shocked some fans, others have known that Miss Jackée was not to be played with when it comes down to men, having dated some of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors like Blair Underwood and Mr. “I Hit it First,” Ray J.

Many were shocked that she would date a man 24 years younger than she is. But according to Harry, the “One Wish” singer was quite mature for his age.

“He loves older women, though,” the “Day of Our Lives” star shared about their rendezvous on “The Real” back in 2014. “Y’all know that. And he’s a nice young man. We did a movie together called ‘The Coalition.’ We had a ball.”

Harry added, “He’s very sophisticated. Very, very sophisticated,” in a clip from her interview that resurfaced last October.

The two hit it off on the set of a movie called “The Coalition.” Ironically, Adrienne Bailon Houghton, one of “The Real” hosts also starred in the film and seemed to have had no idea, as she cracked up hearing about their sneaky hookup.

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