‘She Meant Her Main Squeeze’: Jackée Harry’s Tweet About Finding Out Her ‘Main’ Man Cheated with ‘Becky with the Red Hair’ Has Fans In a Frenzy

Jackée Harry had social media users more than amused after reminiscing on the time she discovered that her “main” man was cheating on her. 

The revelation came on Saturday, Sept. 9 via X following a social media post that asked account holders to share the “craziest way you found out someone was cheating on you.”

Jackée Harry recounts time when her 'main' man cheated on her but fans say she wasn't loyal herself.
Jackée Harry recounts a time when her ‘main’ man cheated on her, but fans say she wasn’t loyal herself. (Pictured: @jackeeharry/Instagram)

Harry, 67, decided to take a trip down memory lane, writing, “When I lived in New York, I was out shopping and happened to look up out of the store window. My main was climbing into a taxi with Beck with the red hair.”

The “Sister, Sister” alum was born in North Carolina, but was raised by her mother in Harlem, New York. 

Her post received several interactions from fans who zoomed in on the word “main” and suggested that Harry also had not been loyal to the mystery man herself. 

“Auntie.. lol ‘my main’… so you were also cheating.”

“‘Main’ lol, was it really cheating then?” 

“The fact that she said main I know that’s right how do you not love her.” 

“She meant her main squeeze. Unless she meant her mayne?” 

“‘Main’? So you had a side piece aunty?” 

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Though Harry is single and fabulous, she used to be married to TV producer Elgin Charles Williams. The former couple wed in 1996 and one year later adopted a son named Frank. They decided to go their separate ways in 2003, however, chose to live together in order to co-parent their only child. 

Williams, 63, is slightly younger than the Emmy winner, but the “227” actress is no stranger to dating younger men. In fact, in a recent interview with VladTV, Harry stated that she “prefers” for her romantic partners to be younger than her.

“I like younger men,” Harry admitted. “They think further ahead… More flexible, you know, just different. My mind works differently that’s all. Physically? I prefer younger men. When I say younger, younger than me. I don’t mean like I said 30…”

She continued “Around 50, yeah. It’s just the same level of thinking you know- and the way I want to go as the day goes on ‘cause you can’t take somebody every day doing the same thing and you’re, you’re on a different level. It just doesn’t work.”

Before the interview cut out, Harry confessed to currently dating, but described the trial-and-error experience as “horrible.” 

“It’s awful,” she said before screaming, seemingly over the state of her love life.


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