Crying Baby In Background of Halle Bailey and DDG’s Video Fuels Rumors Couple Secretly Welcomed Their First Child

After months of speculation about her baggy clothing, fans of Halle Bailey are convinced that she recently welcomed her first child with her boyfriend, DDG.

Fans suspect Halle Bailey and DDG got married and are expecting their first child following misquote in UK magazine article.
Fans suspect Halle Bailey and DDG welcomed their first child following a recent Christmas videe they posted. (Photo: @DDG/Instagram)

In August, her big sis, Chloe Bailey warned folks to keep Halle’s name out of their mouth amid pregnancy rumors. The following month, fans were convinced they noticed Halle’s belly poking out in photos of her at a party during NYFW and again at the MTV Video Music Awards. She’s been photographed on red carpets and at events wearing baggy clothing or an ensemble that draws attention away from her mid-section. In October, a UK magazine falsely reported that Halle was married and pregnant after mistakenly using quotes from another married artist who recently became a mother.

However, video footage posted by DDG from their Christmas celebration has fans raising their eyebrows. Many were left confused after noticing the way Halley struggled to get up from the table as she and her beau made holiday cookies. She placed her right hand on the table as she got up using her left hand to hold the black chair.

“She had to get up slow! She just had that baby lol I know that slow get up,” wrote one person in the comment section of The Shade Room’s post. Another said, “All moms know that postpartum rise up from the seat and holding on to everything close because I need to make it to the bathroom real quick..”

Most social media users believe this video further confirms that Halle recently gave birth, but none seems to be mad that she’s keeping her life private.

“You can tell she just delivered. You can tell she’s breastfeeding,” wrote a third person. “I think she’s smart for keeping it secret. Everything ain’t for the internet, cause then we will be all over them like… when yall getting married. If they keep things private, they can run their own race. I’m gone stay over here and mind my business!!!!”

A second video clip shows three women and a young boy opening gifts before a baby can he heard wailing in the background. “Cut cut cut,” said a voice out of the camera’s frame, though many believe it was DDG himself.

One person said, “He talking about ‘cut cut cut’ nah it’s tooo late bookies we heard congratulations,” while another said, “That baby said ‘it’s me y’all’ lol.”

If Halle and DDG did just welcome their first child, it’s their prerogative to remain quiet about their relationship and family. The two were first romantically linked in January 2022 but made things official on Instagram months later.

But many suggest if they want the speculation surrounding her pregnancy to stop then her YouTuber boyfriend should stop sharing footage of their intimate l moments, including one person who said, “If it’s that serious, stop going live.”

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