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‘Turn Around Sis’: Fans Say Halle Bailey Is ‘Definitely Pregnant’ After a New Video

Social media users are almost certain that Halle Bailey is expecting her first child after a video of her seemingly poking belly made waves online. 

The Little Mermaid” star, along with other star-studded celebrities, posed on the red carpet on Wednesday, Sept. 6, for Pandora’s NYFW party. The dazzling event was in honor of the jewelry company’s lab-grown diamond collections. 

Bailey looked as gorgeous as ever in her black blazer dress. The shiny garment featured a deep V-cut that ran down the 23-year-old’s chest, stopping right above her stomach. 

She paired the outfit with black strappy open-toed pumps complemented by a bold red lip that popped out against her dark ensemble. Bailey’s hair was styled in a half-up/half-down hairdo, and her usual long locs were completely transformed into long twists. 

As Bailey walked the red carpet, an unknown person recorded a video of her speaking to those around her. Throughout the video, the cameraman can be seen zooming into Bailey’s belly, which appeared more rounded than usual. 

Once the nine-second clip hit X, it was fair game for account holders to repost it on their own page. @Penfifteen42069 was one of many accounts that shared the video, writing “Halle Bailey is definitely pregnant” as the caption. 

Within hours, the post racked up several likes, retweets, quote tweets, and reactions that consisted of speculations surrounding Bailey possibly being with child. 

“Is this real?”

“I don’t really understand the issue surrounding around this girl being pregnant or not. She is 23, RICH and successful. If she’s pregnant so what?” 

“We’ll just say she’s bloated and now move tf on.” 

“Ok guys it’s getting weird. EVERY TIME this rumor circulates she pops out with a bare midriff or something form fitting to quiet the rumblings. IF she is pregnant I’m sure she’ll tell us when she’s ready.”

Turn around sis, Is that a baby bump Halle.”

Hearsay about the “Angel” singer being pregnant with her longtime boyfriend rapper DDG’s child sparked back in August. In one of DDG’s YouTube videos, a woman who was assumed to be Bailey was seen holding her seemingly poking belly as she walked past the “Moonwalking in Calabasas” rapper. 

The conversation about Bailey’s personal life decisions grew so heavy her older sister and singing partner Chlöe Bailey demanded folks keep her younger sibling’s name “out of their mouth.” 

“Bout to get me riled the h–l up,” Chlöe said in a now-expired Live. Another voice could be heard saying “We don’t play about Halle,” to which the 25-year-old artist replied, “No, like what the heck? Period.” 

Though Chlöe publicly defended her sister against online critics, neither she nor Halle have publicly disputed the speculations.

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