‘She’s So Kanye with It’: Kim Kardashian Details How 10-Year-Old Daughter North West Scams Rich Folks Out of Money with Her Lemonade Business

It appears that North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s oldest daughter, is following in her parents’ entrepreneurial footsteps.

In a recent profile, the Skims founder revealed that her 10-year-old mini-me has taken a page out of her book on how to run a company.

Kim Kardashian reveals that daughter North scams people out of money through lemonade.
Kim Kardashian reveals that her daughter North scams people out of money through lemonade. (Pictured: Kim Kardashian and North West @kimkardashian/Instagram)

Kim shared with a reporter at GQ magazine that North runs her own lemonade stand with help from a few of her friends. “She gets a huge pitcher and fills it, puts it in her wagon, and goes down the corner,” the billionaire mogul said

Kim continued, “She has a table and chairs and fans to keep herself cool. She makes signs. She stays there hours and hours. Her friends help, so she splits the money with them.” 

While the tween’s work ethic might seem impressive, Kim noted how North manages to “scam” her rich friends out of money by charging them an unusually high price for lemonade. 

“If a random person stops, she will charge them only $2. If she knows you, she will fully scam you,” the 43-year-old said. “I’ll get calls from my friends saying she charged them $20 for lemonade. She’ll grab their [twenty dollars] and say, ‘I don’t have any change.’ ”

Like many things North does, her act of swindling rich people out of money instantly went viral online, especially on X. Many social media users praised the child for taking advantage of those who are involved in her luxurious life.

One person wrote, “She’s scamming the rich?! Omg I am so proud,” while another handler tweeted, “North really be eating the rich I love that.”

There were also a few comments that compared North’s way of making money back to her two very successful parents. A few of those comments read, “North’s attitude is so kanye and got the love of money from her mother. best of both worlds,” and “She’s so Kanye with it.” 

A third comment suggested that North’s conning ways were learned after she witnessed her family allegedly scam everyday people throughout their years in the industry. The tweet read, “The Kardashians rip off others ideas and sell it as their own she just running the play her own way.” 

Just last year, North’s mom was at the front line of criticism after she announced her new beauty brand, “SKKN by Kim.” Many critics accused Kim of copying Lori Harvey’s skincare line, “SKN by Lori Harvey.” Both brands have similar spelling in their names, with Kim simply adding an extra “K.” 

Additionally, people also pointed out how closely their monotonous logo designs resembled each other. A year prior, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star was accused of stealing the name “SKKN” from a Black woman’s business. 

Cyndie Lunsford, the owner of Beauty Concepts LLC, hit Kim with a cease-and-desist letter and then later a lawsuit after the mother of four attempted the trademark “SKKN by Kim” in March 2021. 

In her file, the Black esthetician claimed that she attempted to trademark “SKKN” two days before Kim, suggesting that she owned the mark since 2018. The lawsuit has since been dismissed but there’s no information on whether Kim coughed up any money for a settlement.

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