‘Go See Phaedra Down at the Funeral Home’: Dr. Heavenly Kimes Reveals What She’d Do If She Were Quad Webb and Had to Film with Her Ex-Husband’s New Wife

Quad Webb returned for “Married to Medicine” this season with her ex-husband and his new wife as her co-stars.

To bring readers up to speed, “M2M” head honchos cast Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford for season 10. The cybersecurity program coordinator also happens to be the new wife of Webb’s former husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford.  

The new couple currently reside in the same house Lunceford and Webb lived in during their relationship. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes shares how she'd react if the wife of her ex-husband was cast on 'M2M'
Dr. Heavenly Kimes (left) shares how she’d react if the wife of her ex-husband was cast on “M2M,” which is what happened to Quad Webb (right) this season. (Photos: @dr_heavenly/Instagram, @absolutelyquad/Instagram)

In a sit-down interview with Atlanta Black Star, Webb’s friend and co-star Dr. Heavenly Kimes said she would have had a “different” reaction had she been placed in Webb’s shoes. The Bravo series documents Kimes and Webb’s close-knit friendship, which they describe as sisterly.

Webb and Lunceford were together for six years after tying the knot in 2012. Unfortunately their union of “for better or worse” fell flat due to alleged infidelity on Lunceford’s part. Webb filed for divorce in 2018, and one year later it was finalized. 

“If y’all would’ve brought daddy back with his new wife I wouldn’t of – but I’m not Quad, that’s a whole different situation,” the 52-year-old said in a video interview with ABS. She then added, “Me in that situation would’ve been very different.” 

The Florida native refers to her husband of 26 years, Damon Kimes, as “daddy.” They share three children. 

Kimes also noted taking her vows seriously, stating that another “b—h” would have to “Go to the dearly departed,” before discussing the work of another new co-star, Phaedra Parks. “Maybe go see Phaedra down there at the funeral home,” Kimes continued.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum is a well-known attorney as well as a mortician, who has her own mortuary business located in Atlanta. 

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As Webb steps back into the single life, Kimes appears to be helping her get back in the saddle by setting her up on several blind dates. She stated that her comments were simply jokes while also mentioning how delicate Webb can be at times.

“Quad’s real sensitive, Quad’s real — well maybe not. Maybe I’m not a good friend to Quad. Quad has a lot going on … her friends are a little different.”

Kimes stressed that she and Webb have a sisterly relationship, and even when Webb gets mad at her they will always be “all right.”

“I just need to call Quad and she be fine,” said Kimes. “I promise.”

Despite her comment, Kimes and Webb’s tight bond seems to be tested in this season of “M2M.” During the show’s most recent episode aired on Nov. 12, Webb can be seen talking about Kimes with Parks. 

Throughout their conversation, the former “Sister Circle” host questioned Kimes’ loyalty after she was seen hanging out with Lateasha. 

“When I saw that I was like, ‘D–n,’” Webb confessed. “Like she calls me her sister and then you with the girl. That disturbed me.” 

Around the time the episode aired, Webb, Parks, and Kimes all joined Instagram Live together, where things got real after the self-proclaimed Southern belle revealed her true opinions on Lunceford and Lateasha’s relationship. 

“I see that he’s really happy right now,” said Parks, who helped Lateasha pick out wedding dresses in a scene from the episode. Despite Webb and Kimes’ passive-aggressive attempt to pull more information out of her, the mother of two kept her answer short and sweet. 

Webb then pressed Parks for speaking about Webb’s marriage to Dr. G but playing coy during their discussion when asked about his new wife.

“Well, I do like Sweet Tea. It appeared,” Parks began before changing focus to note that “M2M” was airing at the time. “Saved by the TV, because the girls is trying to put me on the spot.”

Webb insisted that was not the case, before exchanging a few shady facial expressions with Kimes.

Fans have been able to take a deeper look into Lateasha and Lunceford’s relationship throughout this new season. The couple’s wedding is scheduled to be featured on the show but the specific episode has not yet been announced.

“Married to Medicine” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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