‘Let’s Not Start Any Weird Rumors’: Remy Ma Denies Pregnancy Rumors Following Speculation About Her Cheating on Her Husband Papoose

Remy Ma is speaking out after rumors about her being pregnant surfaced on social media following rumors about her cheating on her husband, Papoose. The gossip reportedly began after she went on Instagram Live with fellow rapper Fat Joe, and her daughter, Reminisce Mackenzie in a video that was taken over the Halloween weekend.

The “Whuteva” rapper was apparently wearing loose-fitting clothing in the clip, which led to the pregnancy speculation. Remy can be seen lifting up her thick tan hoodie while showing off her flat stomach to quash the rumor.

Remy Ma
Remy Ma shuts down pregnancy rumors in resurfaced video. (Photo: @remyma / Instagram)

“I’m pregnant? Nah. Let’s not start any weird rumors,” she said. “No no, that’s my pocket. It’s fluffy on the inside so it’s giving a little bump. Stop. Don’t even start!”

Rumors also circulated that Remy cheated on her husband, Shamele “Papoose” Mackie, with battler rapper Eazy The Block Captain. Remy and the “Favors” rapper have been spotted together on numerous occasions since June and many seem to believe they are more than friends.

The duo have been spotted eating together at Red Lobster and standing too closely at an event for Remy’s Chrome 23 Battle Rap Tournament.

Watch the Full Video Here.

More fuel was added to the fire following reports Papoose allegedly punched the Philadelphia rapper for getting “too cozy” with Remy Ma. However, Remy denied the fight took place in a post on X.

“I’d like to apologize to everyone that was disappointed tonight because we couldn’t get 3 full rounds from all the opponents,” she wrote on June 17. “I tried …and can y’all pleasee STOP with the Eazy & Pap LIES There’s NO place like Chrome! Right back at it ; see y’all in August. #Chrome23.”

However, a fan recently recorded Remy and Eazy at an Eagles-Cowboys football game on Nov. 5 in a video shared on X. On Nov. 10, Remy shared a video featuring a few moments of her wearing a white tank top, a purple skirt, and silver boots.

Two commenters said, “Single women behavior aka thirst trappin lol” and “I still love you but you did my man wrong y’all created black love.”

Social media users say this is proof that the couple who have been together for nearly two decades were falling apart.

Remy hasn’t shared a post of or with her husband Papoose since sharing a Happy Birthday post to him on March 6. It featured a picture of the couple at the 2022 BET Awards.

She captioned the post, “Was so busy planning a last minute birthday party that I didn’t get a chance to post HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @Papoose… a man that I’ve spent the past 18 years & most of my happiest moments with. I’m proud of all you have accomplished and wish you even more success & the happiest earth day Mr. Head of Hiphop will always love u.”

Fans reacted to the pregnancy rumors on social media. “There was a time when she said that her leaving Pap for the new dude was a rumor. FOH,” replied one. Another fan wrote, “So she joy gone deny the cheating and breakup from Pap…???”

Neither Remy Ma or Eazy the Block Captain have responded to the cheating rumors.

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