‘I Don’t See McDonald’s on That List’: Stephen A. Smith Condemns Women’s List of Unacceptable Locations for a First Date Following Heated Cheesecake Factory Debate

Stephen A. Smith wants to know what’s “wrong” with eating at The Cheesecake Factory amid the infamous debate that has taken over social media for weeks. 

The sports journalist recently defended the chain restaurant after seeing a video of an unimpressed woman refusing to go into The Cheesecake Factory for a first date. The woman named Alicia uploaded a TikTok video that showed her sitting on the passenger side of the vehicle of her date, Jay. 

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Stephen A. Smith goes in on list of unacceptable ideas for a first date.
Stephen A. Smith goes in on a list of unacceptable ideas for a first date. (Pictured: Stephen A. Smith/YouTube)

In the recording, Alicia refrained from stepping out of the vehicle due to her not liking the eatery Jay chose to take her to after she made them late for a reservation at a much more upscale restaurant.

“Who takes someone who looks like this to a chain restaurant?” she said in the video. 

Alicia and Jay’s first date became a hot topic on social media, and even caused one internet user to make note of all the unacceptable first-date ideas. The list included popular eateries such as Applebee’s, Chili’s, Chipotle, Waffle House, The Olive Garden and Red Lobster. 

Smith appeared to have caught wind of the heated conversation and shared a few viewpoints of his own. He tweeted a screenshot of the long list, writing, “Well d–n, where can we go? Ladies, what IS an acceptable first date?? Going to go through some of your answers on The Stephen A. Smith Show.” 

During his show, the 56-year-old told his listeners about the viral story before yelling, “First of all what the h–l is wrong with The Cheesecake Factory? Ain’t nothing wrong with The Cheesecake Factory!” 

He continued noting that The Cheesecake Factory is not a type of restaurant that has a spending limit of “12 dollars.”

“You get a meal and stuff like that you gonna pay over $80 to $100 dollars for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory,” Smith said.

The vocal sports analyst then suggested that Rasputia from Eddie Murphy’s film “Norbit” has a higher chance of finding a suitor rather than a “Snobbish, uppity, entitled, privilege-thinking woman.” 

Smith also urged men to treat women with “consistency” instead of trying to wow them with glitz and glamuor on the first date. “Maintain consistency, or elevate and embellish one of them. Regression is not an option.” 

He went on to describe women as “constant embellishers” who constantly expect change, while men are often all right with being simple creatures. Smith also said that if Alicia continues her “trifling” actions, she’ll be single for the rest of her life.

“Not for anything but a fling,” he shared. “Because when you act like that and you got the nerve to publicize it on video … that date is your business. Why were you posting it on video?” 

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Fans on X had mixed emotions about the first date list, but many shared comical reactions about food eateries that were not on the list. Two said, “I don’t see McDonald’s on that list” and “She didn’t say food trucks!”

Smith is known for having little tolerance for certain situations and never censoring his sharp opinions. 

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