‘He Could Start a Store’: Tisha Campbell Is Left Speechless After Discovering Her Late Father’s Salacious Stack of ‘Milf Chocolate’ Adult Tapes

Tisha Campbell was in for the surprise of a lifetime while cleaning out her late father’s bedroom. 

The “My Wife and Kids” star recently announced the passing of her dad, Clifton Vernon Ethridge Campbell. While the 76-year-old transitioned on Nov. 1, Campbell didn’t begin sharing memories of him until days later.

In a recent video uploaded on Campbell’s Instagram, she and her family can be seen going through Clifton’s belongings and landing on some of his adult tapes. 

Tisha Campbell left speechless after finding her late father's adult tapes.
Tisha Campbell was left speechless after finding her late father’s adult tapes. (Pictured: @tishacampbellmartin/Instagram)

“Why I got to be the one to find the bulls—t,” the 55-year-old said. “We going through my dad’s s—t; look at this!”

The video then zoomed in on the different types of salacious DVDs her dad had stacked away, which featured women on the cover. 

“Look at this bull-s–t here,” she hollered while rummaging through her father’s tapes. The camera managed to catch the titles of a few in the collection, such as “Black Cobra,” “Milf Chocolate,” and “Hoochie C—ie Mamas.” 

As the video continued, laughter filled the air while someone behind the camera suggested, “He could start a store right here!”

Campbell then claimed that she’s been trying to convince her father to throw away his old television, but now understands why he adamantly rejected the recommendation. 

“The last time I was here, I said, ‘Dad, let’s get rid of this. Why do you even have this? Nobody does DVDs anymore?’ [He said] ‘Nope, nope, you cannot take my DVD player! I want my -’ Now, we know why, ya nasty a–,” she shared.

Campbell also went on to name some of her father’s sources of entertainment, “Why ‘H–s With Bros,’ what’s this one? Oh God! ‘Gaping Black B—es?’”

As the recording cut out, listeners could hear the “Martin” star squeal in amusement. 

“Mourning and Memorials are always hard, but it’s nice when one can find moments of levity and laughter with the family,” Campbell’s caption read. 

She continued, “My dad would’ve loved this!!!! Hope this makes someone smile. Love on each other, y’all, and laugh often. Thank you, daddy, for helping me appreciate every single moment.” 

Her heartwarming message was met with supportive responses from other celebs and fans who were more than amused by her dad’s secret stash. 

“Living Single” actress Erika Alexander wrote, “Don’t be like that. Don’t be like that. Putting his business out there. If he likes colorful b*tt holes then so be it!” 

Grammy Award-winning singer Lenny Kravitz also chimed in with, “Look for s–t. Gonna find s–t. Lol.” 

Campbell and her father appeared to have had a close-knit relationship. Back in June, the mother of two shared a sweet video that showed her surprising Chim for Father’s Day. In the recording, he was nearly moved to tears after realizing his daughter had come to see him. 

“Well, I’ll be d—ed,” he said as they hugged.

Although he’s no longer in the physical world, Campbell expressed feeling as if her father is “guiding” her through this unclear grieving process.

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