‘This Is Deeply Disturbing’: One of Beyoncé’s Les Twins Dancers Blasted By Woman for Allegedly Fathering and Abandoning 37 Children

The Les Twins have garnered a loyal fan base of their own due to their unwavering loyalty to Beyoncé Knowles. However, their usual array of support transformed into an array of backlash over the weekend after one-half of the dancing duo was accused of fathering 37 children. 

The outrageous allegation was placed by a TikTok user whose name is @Lil_Curvy_. The woman is reportedly pregnant by one of the Les Twins but is unsure of which one because of their alleged habit of switching identities while they hook up with various women. 

Fas say they're disturbed after one-half of the Les Twins are accused of fathering and abandoning 37 children
Fans say they’re disturbed after one-half of the Les Twins is accused of fathering and abandoning 37 children. (Photo: @lestwinsoff/Instagram)

In her TikTok, she attached a lengthy caption suggesting that Laurent Bourgeois not only reproduced with several women nearly 40 times but also abandoned all of them. 

“You should know that he already has 37 other children to his credit, whom he has totally abandoned,” part of her now-deleted TikTok caption read. “Take care of yourself and never believe what it shows you through the networks and on television sets, unfortunately the reality is much darker.” 


She also added a photo that featured Bourgeois kissing her cheek as they posed in front of a mirror. 

After the rumor began making waves online, the 34-year-old addressed the hearsay on Sunday via Instagram Live. While speaking to his audience, Bourgeois described the woman’s claims as “crazy” and told haters to keep talking. 

He noted, “Give me the baby mamas’ names, give me… Give me anything where they at?… I wanna see the babies, I wanna see what they look like.” The “Men In Black International” actor continued, “First of all, let’s do 10 babies, it’s a lot! The girl said 37? … You guys are crazy. This is where I realized the world is nuts.”

Bourgeois then added, “Now I understand why people and big artists are talking less online … Those people ‘blah blah’ as much as I want to ’cause I love my life so much. And guess what? With or without all those crazy things you guys saying, my life will not change at all.” 

Watch the Full Video Here.

He closed his rant by confirming that he’s “doing so good” and asked haters to “come up with something true, something umm something I care about like let’s talk about what’s going in the world for real?” 

Although Bourgeois disputed the allegations, the damage online was already done for fans didn’t hold back as they took the claims at face value. One person wrote, “Bro has never heard of a condom?” While another handler wrote, “This is deeply disturbing. 37 children???????? The other stuff I read too has me looking at them differently now.”

There were also a few commenters who found amusement in the drama and compared Bourgeois to Nick Cannon. The “Wild ‘N’ Out” creator is famously known for being an actor, a businessman, and for fathering 12 children with six different women. 

One handler wrote, “NICK CANNON FIGHT BACK,” followed by another tweet that read, “Nick cannon somewhere mad.” 

While rumors about 37 children being fatherless are swirling, the Les Twins have publicly confirmed that individually they each have one daughter. This regurgitated information caused supporters to back up Bourgeois, accusing the unknown woman of lying for clout. 

The other half of the Les Twins, Larry, has not yet spoken out about the rumors placed on him and his identical brother.

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