‘Worst QB in the League’: Russell Wilson’s Sweet Birthday Tribute to Wife Ciara Derails As Sports Fans Blame the NFL Player for the Broncos’ Poor Season

Russell Wilson‘s loving post about his wife Ciara was quickly turned into a roasting session after a couple of NFL fans called him out for the Denver Broncos’ poor season.

Wilson has been called many things, but family man and loving husband have to top off that list. When he’s not talking about God, football or charity, he always makes time to acknowledge his and Ciara’s marriage and their three children.

The Super Bowl XLVIII champion did just that as he made a post on his Instagram page celebrating the “1, 2 Step” singer’s 38th birthday. The post featured a slideshow of pictures of them together as well as others with the kids, with Ciara and Chris Brown’s song “How We Roll” playing over the montage.

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Russell Wilson makes a birthday post for Ciara, but NFL fans comment about him being a quarterback.
Russell Wilson makes a birthday post for Ciara, but NFL fans comment about him being a quarterback. (Photo: @dangerusswilson/Instagram)

The quarterback captioned the post, “Happy Birthday to my Queen, @ciara ️. You truly are Heaven-sent, the perfect mother to our children, and God’s blessing to me as we get to do life together as Husband & Wife. We are all truly BLESSED!!”

Wilson continued, “I’m so grateful that God put you into my life and we’ve been able to create an amazing (growing) family. God has so much in store for you this year of life and I can’t wait to see how much good will come from your presence and joy!!! I Thank Jesus for you every day! I Love You Mrs. Wilson.”

Many of Wilson’s 5.5 million followers left comments about how beautiful the post was, with many wishing Ciara a happy birthday. She also responded to the post, saying, “I’m so grateful for you and the beautiful family God has blessed us with! I love you sooooo much baby!”

But the video’s comments weren’t all positive, due to some NFL fans who decided to heckle the football player about his performance on the field. One read, “Hopefully Ciara can sign a contract with the Broncos we need a QB bad.” Another said, “Worst QB in the league biggest diva in the league.”

In response to the criticism, a few fans came to their defense writing, “Happy Birthday @ciara! Yall have a lot of haters for no reason at all and dats why you guys have to stick 2gether and stay strong!”

Another added, “I love seeing all the adversity you been overcoming! Life is obviously so much bigger than football! The legacy & family you are building is incredible! Let the hatters hate! Your ducks are obviously in a row.”

Wilson has been vilified by some of the NFL’s fans ever since he joined the Denver Broncos in 2022. He signed a five-year contract for $245 million, and some Broncos fans felt that the former Seattle Seahawk did not warrant that much money because they felt he was past his prime when it comes to playing ball.

The 34-year-old did nothing to prove them wrong as he reportedly put up his worst season statistically in his career in his first campaign with Denver. In 2022, Wilson threw only 16 passing touchdowns, with 11 interceptions. He had a QBR of 84 and only completed 60.5 percent of his passes. The Broncos team finished with a record of 5 wins and 12 losses, which is worse than the season before they signed him when they went 7-10.

Wilson is doing better statistically this year, as he already has 13 touchdowns and only four interceptions through seven games, but his improvement hasn’t shown in the win column. Denver only has two wins with five losses this season, one of those being a 70-point beatdown by the Miami Dolphins.

After their team paid so much for the aging quarterback, Broncos fans feel like they are not getting a return on their investment, leading many to take out their frustration on Wilson directly — even when he’s making a personal post like the one to his wife.

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