‘Misleading Is Abuse and a Pattern’: Tamar Braxton Accuses Ex-Fiancé- Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson of ‘Misleading’ Her and Causing ‘Hurt’ During Their Relationship

Tamar Braxton is going on tour as a brokenhearted woman following her breakup with her ex-fiancé, Jeremy “JR” Robinson.

Robinson revealed their breakup through an Instagram post, expressing that he wanted to get “back to positive energy & being a better person.” Their split was revealed just weeks after thieves vandalized and robbed her vehicle.

In the midst of all this, Braxton has been planning her “Love & War 10 Year Anniversary” tour, which kicks off this weekend on Oct. 22 in Dallas, Texas.

Tamar Braxton says she's 'hurt' and 'surprised' by breakup with ex JR.
Tamar Braxton says she’s ‘hurt’ and ‘surprised’ by breakup with ex JR. (Pictured: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

On Oct. 19, Braxton took to her Instagram story to share an update with her 6.1 million followers about her mental state.

“After so much hurt …at some point you have to get the strength to close the chapter. What a fool I was,” she wrote.

“I can’t believe I’m going on my #LOVEANDWARTOUR so broken,” People do things on purpose just to see you hurt. Misleading is abuse and a pattern.. I’m sooooo stupid,” Braxton continued.

The former couple got engaged while filming the reality dating show “Queen’s Court,” where Robinson was widely criticized after it was revealed that he had multiple children with four different women.

Robinson claimed that the two would always be like family. However, most traces of him were removed from “The One” singer’s Instagram.

Yet, he made a post on his Instagram promoting Braxton’s Dallas show, along with some encouraging words.

“Thank you Tamar for being super supportive during an incredibly difficult time. You are not a negative & horrible person,” wrote Robinson about his ex. “You are a blessing to the world and have always been nothing short of super supportive and uplifting.”

Braxton later responded to the breakup on YouTube, sharing how “hurt” and “surprised” she was by their breakup.

Fans reacted to her latest post with support. One fan replied, “Turn that pain into POWER mama! #MusicIsTherapy.”

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Another fan tried to lift the “Braxton Family Values” star with a positive message.

“u aren’t stupid! U are just a hopeless romantic who falls hard. It happens 2 the best of us. We have to learn to lean, listen, & wait on God. He has it planned out already and anything that’s not in that plan will eventually be removed. He has a tendency to give us what we need and it’s not always what we want!”

Braxton’s tour will also have shows in New York, Atlanta, Silver Spring, Maryland, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

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