‘No Wonder She Be Making Men Sign an NDA’: Lori Harvey Fans Call Out ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Prince for Claiming He Attempted to Record Her In Bed

Fans say they finally understand why Lori Harvey supposedly has men she’s romantically linked to sign NDAs after a reality star revealed a mouthful about their alleged history together. 

Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star Christopher Michael Harty, better known as Prince, was a recent guest on the “We In Miami” podcast, and in a clip shared online he can be seen making some serious accusations about his past with Harvey. 

Prince was one of the original cast mates of “LHH: Miami” in 2018 and stayed on the first two seasons of the VH1 reality series. Though he has since exited the show, Prince still remained in headlines over the years for his alleged scuffle with Tory Lanez and for domestic violence accusations.

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Fans defend Lori Harvey after a 'Love and Hip Hop' alum suggests they were intimate.
Fans defend Lori Harvey after “Love and Hip Hop” alum Prince described being intimate with her. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram, @Weinmiamipodcast/Instagram)

In a clip that is now viral, Prince was asked if he had “smashed” any celebrities, which prompted the 34-year-old to drop names. 

“I’m probably gonna get some s–t for this but Lori Harvey,” Prince said proudly on the podcast episode. “It wasn’t like a smash though, like it was like I was really you know I was really like f—g with her. She was really f—g with me.” 

According to Prince, the 26-year-old model would Uber to his beach house and they would stay with each other for a few nights at a time. He even delved deeper into their bedroom antics, which he describes as “phenomenal.” 

“This is before she got like thin, I was f—g with thick Lori,” Prince said. He reiterated, “She wasn’t thin like she is now. I prefer the old Lori, honestly.” While it is unclear when Prince and Harvey supposedly messed around, it can be inferred that it was sometime before 2020, for that was when she began noticeably losing weight.

The “Bad Boys Texas” star even suggested that he didn’t always strap up when being intimate with Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter. He also described her as “conscientious,” noting that he tried to sneak and film her but she quickly caught on and shot the entire opportunity down. 

Prince recounted, “One time I was trying to be slick and get a video, this girl was like so on it like… She was so on it.” 

Although Prince “really liked” the popular socialite, he claims he purposefully self-sabotaged their fling because his heart was somewhere else. 

“I had someone that I was dealing with and I loved her but I really really really liked Lori,” he shared. He also blamed insecurity on their fun experience ending, “You f—–g wit me? Like I can’t do s–t for you.’” 

His controversial revelation was shared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page where an array of loyal Harvey supporters defended her name in the comment section. 

One individual seemingly advised Harvey to take Prince to court by writing, “Wait he was going to video her without permission. Dude, that’s a whole charge my guy.”

Two fans in disbelief wrote, “I can’t prove it, but I know he lying” and “This Ain’t Corny To Yall?”

“definitely wasn’t tasteful telling the world u went raw etc all that was uncalled for smh no respect !! Now she come back saying ur sh-t was little then wat smh.”

“prince I love you but speaking about sneaking videos and messing with lori while she’s taken? I’m all for being open and honest but sometimes you shouldn’t reveal too much.”

There was also a few comments that brought up the million-dollar nondisclosure agreement Harvey reportedly has all of her bachelors sign. “No wonder she be making men sign an NDA.” you ain’t sign a NDA.”

Currently, the YEVRAH swimwear creator is in a budding relationship with “Snowfall” actor Damson Idris. The two began making headlines last year but sent the internet into a frenzy after confirming their relationship on Harvey’s birthday back in January. 

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Before Idris, Harvey and “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan were one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples from November 2020 until their breakup in June 2022. 

While a plethora of folks are heavily invested in Harvey’s dating history, the influencer has definitely made a name for herself that reaches far beyond her impressive rap sheet. Throughout her time in Hollywood, Harvey has heavily impacted the beauty, wellness, and self-care world.

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