‘Take the 500 Thousand, Go Buy Some Albums’: Jay-Z Finally Speaks on the Viral $500k or Dinner with Him Debate Less Than a Week After Being Heckled to Respond

Jay-Z has finally ended the $500k or dinner with him debacle during his recent interview with CBS host Gayle King.

The $500k or dinner with Jay-Z debate has been going on for years now. Back in 2018, one Twitter user made a post saying, “U have a choice to go [to] dinner with jay z or 50k cash….which u choosin?” By the time 2021 rolled around, another zero was added to the cash amount to make the ultimatum harder.

A few social media users claim this made the choice that much easier as they argued to use the funds to start a business, invest, or make other major money decisions. But a lot of folks believe half a million is just too much to pass up on.

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Jay-Z answers the 500k or dinner with him debate.
Jay-Z answers the $500k or dinner-with-him debate. (Photo:@ruthlesssrich/Instagram)

For the people who argued on the side of the dinner with Hov, many said that the mentorship and advice they’d receive from the rapper would be more valuable than the lump sum of cash.

Many brought up the New York native’s transition from being a drug dealer to becoming a billionaire, which could serve as a blueprint on how to make more than $500,000 in the long run.

After years of debate, the rapper put the argument to bed during an interview with “CBS Mornings.” While on the daily talk show, Jay-Z was asked by King what his stance was on the discourse.

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Without hesitation, the 53-year-old said, “You gotta take the money, What imma say?” King suggested that people who choose the dinner do so because of the beneficial knowledge that they could receive from sitting with the “99 Problems” rapper.

Jay Z’s rebuttal was, “You got all that in the music for $10.99. That’s a bad deal, I wouldn’t tell you to cut a bad deal.” He continued, “Take the 500 thousand, go buy some albums, and listen to the albums, it’s all there.”

The Brooklyn rapper said that if you really listen to his music, everything is there. “’ The Blueprint’ literally,” Jay-Z said, “to me, and my life, and my journey is there already.”

Even though this should have ended the conversation, fans still battled over what side to choose. Many in favor of the dinner said, “This why I’d take the dinner with Jay Z. I ain’t even think of it like that, those some wise words. So imagine getting 45 mins to an hour with him? Gems all night.”

Fans on the $500,000 side argued that Jay-Z didn’t even have to answer the question because there was no way that they were choosing the dinner. One commenter said that at the dinner, “Jay is gonna tell you all the cool things you could have done with the 500k.”

The debate had a recent resurgence after a man named K Rich told Jay-Z his choice in the matter to his face. In a video posted on his Instagram, Rich, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, told Jay-Z that he was on the $500,000 side.

Rich walked up on the billionaire and said, “Aye Hov, I’m takin’ that 500k. I ain’t takin’ that dinner I’m takin’ that 500k. You feel me? It’s love though.” The rapper looked as if he had no clue what was going on as he continued to walk toward his destination.

Once it seemed like he understood what was happening, he gave the man a fist bump and said, “Be good man.”

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This wasn’t Rich’s first encounter with a celebrity that got fans talking. Even though his bio says entrepreneur, he may find a fit in a side hustle as a social media star. In January 2023, Rich went semi-viral for heckling LeBron James at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

While James was walking back to the locker room during a blowout by the L.A. Clippers, Rich yelled, “Bron! Aye Bron, you better get this s—t together … With that receding ass hairline!” He laughed as James stopped walking to call him out.

Rich has also antagonized Floyd Mayweather, the Detroit Urban Survival Training, and the L.A. Rams bench.

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