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‘Damn Sho Don’t Sound Like Floyd’: Fans Call Cap on Wack 100’s Supposed Live Phone Convo with Floyd Mayweather About Their Diaper Company

Floyd Mawyweather Jr. has recently changed his image from an in-ring fighting machine to a loving grandfather who spoils his grandbaby. 

The boxing champ and his grandson Kentrell “KJ” Gaulden Jr. have gone viral many times due to clips of the two playing around on a private jet, and even little KJ showing off some of his grandpa’s fighting genes by shadowboxing on a countertop. Mayweather’s true affection for KJ is unquestionable after viewing glimpses of the pair in action. 

He shows his dedication to KJ any chance he gets, and for this reason a venture between the multi-millionaire and a rising diaper company doesn’t seem crazy at all. But fans are calling into question if there is any truth to these claims made by the notorious Wack 100.

Fans are not buying Wack 100's claims after he allegedly called Floyd Mayweather about a business deal.
Fans are not buying Wack 100’s claims after he allegedly called Floyd Mayweather about a business deal. (Photos: @wack100/Instagram; @floydmayweather/Instagram)

On an episode of “The Adam and Wack Show” on the “No Jumper” podcast, Wack claimed that Mayweather partnered with him to launch his company “Ncredible Diapers.”

Nearly an hour into the conversation, Wack halted everything, picked up his cellphone and told Adam, “Listen, I got the champ. A Black champ on the phone, so bow down to something that’s greater than you. Floyd!”  

He then explained how the two know each other and how they’ve developed a friendship over the years.

“I’ve been knowing him for many moons, but we just been knowing each other through passing,” Wack continued. “But when I sent him my diaper s—t and all that, Floyd, when I sent you my diaper information what did you text me back and say?”

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Mayweather answered with an uncharacteristically concise “I want in,” before the hip-hop manager continued to talk. However, listeners of the podcast speculated about whether that was really the boxing champ on the phone.

“That ain’t Floyd Floyd woulda been talking way more then that.”

“That’s not Floyd @wack100 Clout chasing at a all time high.” 

“Don’t sound like Floyd.”

“Wack100 wasn’t even on the phone with Floyd Mayweather.. n—a just be bootleging conversations  And yeah I said bootleging lol.”

Since the episode dropped, Mayweather and “Ncredible Diapers” have neither confirmed nor denied their partnership to the public. But Mayweather seemingly confirmed it was him when Wack brought up his fight in the ring with rapper Blueface.


“It was entertainment. We had fun and that’s what it’s about. I wanted to give the people entertainment and he wanted to too,” said Floyd.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wack said he believed in his product, claiming he has contracts with Amazon and others worth $150 million. He claimed his business partner worked for “the embassy” and helped him distribute throughout the Middle East to “the royal family in … Bahrain.” With connections like these, perhaps customers can expect to see “Ncredible Diapers” filling up the shelves at their local superstores. 

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