Tamar Braxton Says She No Longer Feels Safe In Atlanta, Shares Video Footage of Thieves Rummaging Through Valuables In Her Car

Tamar Braxton is still shaken up after reportedly having her belongings trifled through during a car robbery in Atlanta.

The singer posted multiple clips of the violation on social media. In a moment of transparency, she revealed that the incident left her feeling unprotected.

“I got robbed. At home. I’m not safe anywhere. I don’t know why I keep getting violated. I had a lot in my car ’cause I don’t live anywhere ’cause I’m not safe anywhere or with anyone,” wrote “The Braxton Family Values” star. In her Instagram Story, she posted, “YEAH SO, I’M NOT OK. NOT AT ALL…BUT I’M GONE BE OK AND THAT WHAT’S MATTERS.”

Tamar Braxton says she no longer feels safe in Atlanta after her car was burglarized. (Screenshots: Tamarbraxton/Instagram)

The security footage, which was captured on Sept. 18 shortly after 3 a.m., showed four people rummaging through items she had stored inside her vehicle in a parking garage. It appears as though some of the assailants may have used a white sedan to travel to and from the Atlanta residential building.

Fans expressed an outpouring of concern for Braxton’s well-being in the comments.

Among them was a message from Tina Knowles. The mother of global superstar Beyoncé wrote, “So Sorry Tamar, I too well firsthand know how violated you feel! But you are safe because you are surrounded by the power of God’s protection. You are also very loved remember that.”

In July, the 69-year-old’s Los Angeles home was broken into. Thieves got away with a safe containing $1 million in jewelry and cash. Luckily, Knowles was not home when the ordeal unfolded.

Another person wrote, “Omg Tamar everyone know about leaving valuable things in your car in Atlanta maybe you should just get a storage unit.”

A third individual said, “Sorry this happened to you! But god makes no mistake you will get all your stuff back times 10. This ain’t gone stop nothing. Glad you was safe most of all.”

But a fourth individual asked questions to which several others wanted answers. “Tamar what do you mean you don’t live anywhere?? Or feel safe with no one?? What about your fiancé?? I’m genuinely confused but I love you girl and glad you’re ok that material stuff you can get back,” read the comment.

Braxton is engaged to businessman Jeremy “J.R.” Robinson. The two met and became engaged on Peacock’s “Queen’s Court” in March.

Despite questions about his whereabouts, it seems he is very much still in the singer’s life. On Sept. 17, he shared a clip of his fianceé singing the national anthem ahead of kickoff at the Falcons home game.

“Thank you baby for being my #1 fan in and out of public,” wrote Braxton. The former talk-show host is known for sharing cooking videos online, though it is now unclear if the home seen in her posts belongs to Robinson or if it was a temporary housing arrangement.


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