‘People Are Seriously Sick In the Head’: IG Model Shuts Down ‘Fake’ DMs Suggesting Plans to Trap Ja Morant with a Baby While Dating ‘Small’ DeSean Jackson

Social media model Yasmine Lopez is in the hot seat after her alleged direct messages were leaked, claiming that she was trying to trap NBA star Ja Morant by getting pregnant.

The alleged DMs were shared by Onsite! on Instagram, and the messages seemingly caught the influencer — whom the outlet referred to as a “Professional Baby Mama” — discussing having a baby with the Memphis Grizzlies point guard. She also noted that she is dating NFL star DeSean Jackson. Lopez reportedly shares one child with Dallas Cowboys star Trevon Diggs, and was also romantically linked to Los Angeles Laker Carmelo Anthony.

In the alleged DM conversation between Lopez and a friend, she allegedly reveals that she’s dating Jackson, but has Morant in her sights.

“I’m messing with DeSean Jackson right now… trying to get him to trick
on me,” said the DM. “Imma get Ja Morant next.”

The person on the other end of the DM responded, “Sis ain’t his d—k hella small?”

Yasmine Lopez Ja Morant
Yasmine Lopez (L) claims she did not write DMs about trapping NBA baller Ja Morant. (Photo: @badgalyas/ TikTok/@jamorant/Instagram)

“WHEWWW it’s non-existent. I can’t even feel it. I fake it,” she replied.

“ayoooo dfkm!! savage!! but i know u gon secure the bag sis.”

“Baby #3,” Lopez replied.

Lopez denied that she wrote the DMs and said she plans to get her lawyers involved.

“That was not me! If I was bold enough to type this, I would be bold enough to admit that I said it,” Lopez wrote. “This is a different type of sickness and then to bring my innocent newborn son into it is even more disgusting! Whoever did this going to h***.”

She continued, “My lawyers will be involved. People are seriously sick in the head creating FAKE dms pretending to be me. I don’t even speak like that. Y’all weird and super bitter to go this far.”

Fans reacted to the DMs on Instagram, and many expressed that to them the DMs are authentic.

“It’s clearly the truth because she’s all over DeSean Jackson instagram! She follows him and likes all his pics,” replied one.

“Dirty ahhzzz…… how tf can you FAKE AN ENTIRE PROFILE, WITH A BLUE CHECK, AND FAKE A DM message,” noted another. “Don’t @ me with the photo shop mess! SHE thought she was safe and got screenshot!! BYEEEEEE.”

“Girl lie on you for what,” added one.

“Girl that was you and it’s sad cus all the fake instagram models goals be the same ‘catch a baller trap a baller’ mindset all that energy could of been toward starting a business getting a degree mastering in SOMETHING.”

Lopez has since made her Instagram page private.

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