‘What Did I Just Watch?’: Fitness Influencer Brittany Renner Bashed By Fans Over ‘Wild’ Drunken Antics In Interview with Charleston White Just Weeks After Catching the Eyes of Shaq, Marlon Wayans

Fitness influencer and model Brittany Renner is no stranger to causing commotion online. Whether it’s by revealing explicit details about her life and dating partners or by igniting dating rumors with notable men in the industry, such as Shaquille O’Neal, she is constantly sparking controversy. 

Renner has now become a trending topic yet again after her recent behavior on “The Danza Project” podcast with Kris Novacane, Danza, and Charleston White went viral. 

The socialite was the latest guest on the show, and she appeared to be intoxicated while speaking to the gentlemen in the room. 

Fans bash Brittany Renner for her outrageous drunken behavior in new interview.
Fans bash Brittany Renner for her outrageous drunken behavior in new interview. (Pictured: Brittany Renner/ “The Danza Project”/ YouTube)

Throughout the interview, Renner constantly demanded for everyone to “Shut the f–k up when a real b—h is talking.” She even got into an intense spat with former boxing heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs.

The action followed Renner’s explanation of the pain she endured during childbirth. The 31-year-old shares a son with her ex, 26-year-old Charlotte Hornets power forward PJ Washington.

Their tumultuous relationship received flak due to the age difference and accusations that Renner groomed the NBA player to use him for a come-up, which she denied. 

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In the midst of discussing her painful experience during childbirth, she stressed that she also endured vaginal tearing. A few of the men in the room began laughing, and she assumed they were laughing at her because of this.

Tensions quickly arose after she decided to tell someone off-camera to “Shut the f–k up” while chucking a water bottle at them that ended up hitting Briggs.

“Hey, you just hit me with a water bottle,” he said to Renner, who replied, “I’m sorry! I meant to hit this n—a!”

Though she apologized, Briggs didn’t seem to care as he called her a “Drunk b—h.” 

“F–k is wrong with you? That ain’t cool, lady, for real. I’m not a part of this,” added the 51-year-old.

Renner then yelled, “Shut the f–k up!” at Briggs while encouraging him to hit her.

In an attempt to calm things down, the hosts suggested they “reset the room” to allow everyone to calm down.


Elsewhere in the interview, Renner was seen lifting her leg in the air and climbing onto White’s lap as her cheetah print dress rose up, revealing her black underwear. She then gave him an unexpected lap dance. “Naw, come on man, please. Come on man please,” White said.

Renner’s actions were eventually discussed on X after viral clips of the interview circulated online, and fans didn’t hold back their judgment. 

“That Brittany Renner s–t is outta pocket. She literally showed her a– on that podcast. Her team gotta have her a therapist on the line right after that.”

“Brittany Renner is spiraling out of control. She’s the embodiment of ‘burnt out and turnt out.’” 

“Wth did i just watch.”

“Super wild and disrespectful to the Podcast hosts and the platform as a whole. Especially the water splash was not called for.”

Back in June, Renner made headlines after she was spotted with Shaq at a Beverly Hills Hotel. Photos of the two entering the luxurious suite surfaced online, causing fans to warn the former NBA Hall of Famer of her track record with men. 

A month later, Marlon Wayans attempted to shoot his shot at Renner after catching wind of viral photos of her in a bikini. 

The mother of one has yet to publicly address her recent actions.

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