Ne-Yo Gets Courts Involved To Stop Mother of His Youngest Kids from Talking to the Media Following Her Felony Arrest for Child Cruelty’

A new wrinkle has come up in Ne-Yo‘s child custody case, as he asked the court to place a gag order on his alleged ex-mistress, Sadè Bagnerise.

Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, was married to his now ex-wife, Crystal Renay, when he started seeing Bagnerise.

From their affair and during his marriage, Bagnerise, a social media influencer, welcomed their two sons, Braiden and Brixton.

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News of Ne-Yo cheating as well as fathering two children while married ultimately led to the end of his seven-year marriage to Renay. The pair finalized their divorce this year, in February, and the “Miss Independent” artist paid heavily for his infidelity.

Ne-Yo asks for a gag order to be placed on the mother of his sons, Sadè Bagnerise.
Ne-Yo asks for a gag order to be placed on the mother of his sons, Sadè Bagnerise. (Photo: @neyo/Instagram; @itsbigsade/Instagram)

Ne-Yo had to pay $1.6 million for their property to Renay, as well as $20,000 in moving costs, and $150,000 for a new car. He also must pay $5,000 a month in alimony for three years to Renay, and $12,000 a month in child support for the former couple’s three children. He requested a gag order to stop her from discussing his infidelities, which he alleges financially impacted his career.

The Grammy Award winner was back in court a few months later, in May, after he filed a paternity suit for 2-year-old Braiden and 6-month-old Brixton. In the suit, he claimed that he was the biological father of the two boys, but he asked for a court-mandated paternity test for Brixton.

He also filed for joint physical and legal custody of the children, and he agreed to pay child support, but he wanted the judge to appoint the amount.

Bagnerise countersued, asking that she have primary custody over the boys, and allowing Ne-Yo joint legal custody only. She also wanted payments of temporary and permanent child support, along with reimbursement for child-related expenses for which she has already paid.

During the case, Bagnerise talked about the legal case on her Instagram Stories, saying that she was not in “some nasty battle” with the 43-year-old vocalist. She also revealed that the pair had a “financial and parenting plan” that was only being put in place “for the record.”

Ne-Yo has not been as open about the legal proceedings as Bagnerise, and according to recent reports, it seems that he wants the mother of his youngest sons to follow in his footsteps.

In a new motion obtained by RadarOnline, Ne-Yo asked that Bagnerise be prohibited from talking about “the proceedings and any aspect of the proceedings” on any form of social media, print, television or the internet.

Fans debated on whether Ne-Yo was right to ask for the gag order after the news was shared on Instagram by The Jasmine Brand.

“She had no problem keeping it quiet when they was creeping. Keep the same energy!”

“Crazy on how he wants everything private. But he publicly cheated and had 2 babies on his wife. These dudes are hilarious.”

“Brotha is protecting his brand from a chic with nothin ruining it for custody battle leverage. Genius.”

“Neyo is the issue cuz you had a baby with her and it broke you marriage so then your turned around and doubled back and now crystal gone you wanna beef with her? I thought he wanted to be with her.”

Ne-Yo is also requesting that details about his finances, the location of his properties, the amount of child support he will be paying and the entire settlement agreement be sealed.

Bagnerise agreed to the order during a recent court hearing, where both parents were present.

While the “So Sick” artist has stayed in the news for his fighting for his kids, Bagnerise has gotten into some legal trouble for fighting alongside her son. She was arrested back in March for allegedly helping her eldest teenage son from a previous relationship fight another child.

A report revealed that Bagnerise and her son allegedly jumped the boy after he got off the school bus in a “premeditated act.” The mother of the beaten boy claims that witnesses saw Bagnerise punch her son, put him in a chokehold, and pepper spray him.

Bagnerise was kept in jail for a couple of days at Fulton County Jail before being released on a bond of $31,000. She claimed that was just helping her son fight back after being bullied from kids at his school. She alleged that the boy was getting jumped by “16-year-old football players,” and that she only joined in the fight to “protect him as any mother would.”

She faces felony charges of cruelty to children in the first degree, cruelty to children in the third degree, and battery.

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