‘So Happy for Them’: Blac Chyna Gets Emotional During Barefaced Interview After Reuniting with Her Mother Tokyo Toni to Celebrate One Year of Sobriety 

Blac Chyna recently celebrated one year of sobriety with her estranged mother, Tokyo Toni, right by her side. The mother-daughter-duo reconciled earlier this year after experiencing years of conflict with each other. 

In a new episode of “The Tamron Hall Show,” which aired on Monday, Sept. 18, the mother of two became visibly emotional when her mother surprised her on stage to celebrate this milestone. 

Toni came bearing purple balloons as the crowd screamed in joy. As for Chyna, who now goes by her birth name of Angela White, she can be seen wiping her eyes as her naked face turns into a reddish color.

“That’s my big baby,” the 50-something-year-old said as she sat down beside her daughter. 

When asked what made her emotional, White reflected on how far she and her mother’s relationship has evolved. 

“I never thought that I would get to this point,” she confessed. 

Toni then described watching her child’s evolution as a “surreal” experience. 

“Hollywood, it does things to people; it changes you,” she said. “And to see her be different than what I- meaning in a bad way. You know, everybody knows I go in. So, it’s like I’m gonna go in because I gotta pull her out.”

Toni continued, “Seeing her sober, no makeup, fillers gone; this is who I birthed. Angela. This is who I birthed.”

Applause filled the atmosphere as Toni emotionally proceeded to tell Hall how selfless White truly was. “She has a really big heart. It’s so big that sometimes she forgot about herself, taking care of everyone else … She’s a very beautiful person. What you see is what you get.” 

The grandmother of two also added that she “could have never imagined” mending her and White’s relationship after their previous spats. 

“It was lies; it was a mess. This here? This is the truth,” Toni said as she pulled White in for a hug. 

White shared the clip on her Instagram page, where several individuals left supportive messages. A few of those include the following: 

“This is beautiful. The healing is screaming volumes.” 

“This was so beautiful!!! Omg your growth is so inspiring!!! Keep going Angela and mama Toni.” 

Soon after her upload, The Neighborhood Talk re-posted the clip on its Instagram page. Not surprisingly, many commenters shifted their focus to praise White and Tony for appearing to be in a better space than before.

“I love this praying for their relationship to stay strong everyone needs their mother.” 

“It’s me over here crying! I’m so happy for them.”

“This is super cute knowing their relationship this meant everything.” 


Last year, the former video vixen embarked on a newfound spiritual journey that resulted in her reversing all of her cosmetic surgery. These changes included the removal of her butt and breast implants, lip and face fillers, lasering off her demonic tattoo, and being baptized. 

In March, Toni went on a livestream and accused her daughter’s makeunder of being a “PR stunt.” Four months later, she faced backlash after making “sick” comments about adult toys while babysitting White’s children: 10-year-old King Cairo and 6-year-old Dream Kardashian. 

Despite their mountainous relationship, it looks as though White and Toni are in a healthier place, both individually and as a unit. 


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