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‘She Talking About Tip’: Deyjah Harris’ Post About an ‘Exhausting’ Parent Who ‘Always Thinks They’re Right’ Has Fans Believing She’s Throwing Shade at Her Father 

Fans are wondering what Clifford “T.I.” Harris has recently done to his eldest daughter, Deyjah Harris after she shared a cryptic message on X. 

Fans accuse T.I. of being the 'exhausting' parents his daughter Deyjah was talking about in a recent tweet.
Fans accuse T.I. of being the ‘exhausting’ parent his daughter Deyjah was talking about in a recent tweet. (L) T.I. (Pictured: @tip/Instagram) (R) Deyjah Harris (Pictured: @deyjahimani/Instagram)

On Sunday, Sept. 10, the 22-year-old had a few things to get off her chest, seemingly concerning a particular parent. 

“Having a parent that always thinks they’re right is exhausting lmaooo…” she wrote. 

Her message was later re-posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, and commenters automatically assumed that Harris was throwing shade at her rapper father. 

“Lawd what TI do now.” 

“She talking about Tip. A bunch of big words and still saying nothing.”

“That’s call a narcissist and TI gives off that kind of vibe at times.”

“She stay dissing her own dad on Twitter.”

“Ever since it came out that Tip insisted on checking her hymen .. I think she has lost some respect for her father.” 

T.I. shares Deyjah with his ex, known as Ms. Niko. Three years ago, the “Whatever You Like” rapper faced public scrutiny after he confessed to chaperoning his daughter to her gynecologist visits. While speaking on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, T.I. stated that he accompanies Harris to the appointments in order to confirm that her hymen is still “intact,” ensuring that she is still a virgin. 

The controversial conversation instantly became a hot topic online with social media users adding their two cents about his parenting style, every chance they got. However, Harris described this private matter as something that traumatized her. 

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Though their relationship was strained for quite some time, T.I. later took accountability for his actions during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” He also revealed apologizing to Harris for publicizing something that should’ve stayed personal. 

After seeing people accuse T.I. of being the subject of her tweet, Harris addressed the hearsay underneath an X user’s comment that asked other account holders “How u kno she tlkn bout ti????”

She replied, “Right lol..” 

The young adult often expresses herself and her personal thoughts through X. In July, Harris revealed her plans to remain celibate on the platform for “as long” as she possibly can.

A year before that, she candidly discussed the challenges of being a part of a multi-talented family. In those posts, Harris expressed that she felt as if she was the only family member with no talent and shared her hopes of picking up a hobby for herself. 

Though music may not be her gift, several fans suggested she try out a modeling career. As for her siblings, brothers Domani and King are rappers, Messiah is a country blues artist and her sister Zonnique is a singer. Meanwhile, their baby sister Heiress is preparing to become the next vocalist.


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