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‘He Said Forget Rap, We Gone Do It Like This’: T.I.’s Son Messiah Harris Shocks Fans After He Makes Singing Debut as Blues Singer

Music runs in the Harris family’s blood, which is why it was only a matter of time before Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Tiny Harris‘ oldest son, Messiah Harris, made his performance debut as an artist. 

Following in his father’s footsteps, Messiah performed at Vinyl in Center Stage Atlanta Nov. 5 under his stage name of Buddy Red. 

Messiah Harris @phase_4/Instagram

While T.I. is known for his Southern rapping abilities, Messiah aka “Buddy Red” showed fans his ability to capture a crowd with his bluesy song and electric guitar. 

The 22-year-old performed his newest song, “When I Dream,” and uploaded a video of himself wowing the audience with his sharp lyricism and charisma. 

“Can you tell it’s my first live performance? You all made it feel so good being up there, I appreciate it very much. 🖤 The song I’m playing is out right now: ‘When I Dream’-Buddy Red.” He wrote.

Messiah Harris performing on stage (Pictured: @phase_4/Instagram)

The public can listen to “When I Dream” can be on Apple Music or Spotify or by clicking the link in his Instagram bio. 

Fans of the young performer sent over great vibes as they not only congratulated him on a successful first show, but also for finding his own voice through music.

“He said forget rap, we gone do it like this.”

“Messiah got the Blues? I actually like it!!”

“I love that he’s completely in his own lane.”

Messiah is just one out of his many siblings that possesses the art of creativity. 

His sister, Tiny’s daughter Zonnique Pullins, was a part of iconic teen pop girl group OMG Girlz and had many hits such as, “Gucci This,” “Where the Boys At?” and “Pretty Girl Bag.” The now 26-year-old vocalist spends her time creating solo music; that is when she’s not busy being a full-time mom to her adorable baby girl. 

Then there’s 21-year-old Domani Harris, who is paving his own way as a rapper. The aspiring artist is so set on making a name for himself without his father’s assistance that he turned down an 80-thousand-dollar deal with T.I.’s “Grand Hustle” label. 

King Harris, who recently graduated high school, is also an aspiring rapper and seems to be taking a page out of T.I.’s book when it comes to the type of music he makes.

Even their youngest sister, Heiress Harris, captured the hearts of fans after she beautifully belted out her own cover of “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5. 

With talent practically rooted in their bones, it can almost be expected that every single member of the “Family Hustle” clan is an aspiring performer, however, that’s not the case. 

T.I’s oldest daughter, Deyjah Harris, previously discussed the challenges surrounding being a part of a multi-talented family, feeling as if she’s the only one with no talent to show for it.

In a series of tweets in 2021, the then 20-year-old went on a rant, sharing hopes of attaining a hobby for herself. 

“I wish I had a talent or a hobby lol… like how my siblings and parents are into music,” she wrote. 

While performing may not be her gift, fans suggest she attempt a modeling career. 

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