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‘I Can No Longer Speak on Him’: Deyjah Harris Won’t Talk About Her Father T.I. on Social Media After Fans Make ‘Disgusting Assumptions’ Over Tweet

Deyjah Harris revealed on Thursday, April 22, on her Instagram story during an “Ask Me Anything” session that she won’t talk about her father, rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris on social media because of the negative remarks she received stemming from the “hymen-gate” controversy following an unrelated “juice” tweet. In the tweet, which was posted earlier this year, Deyjah shared a “random” memory of T.I. offering her some juice around the same time she experienced a charley horse in her neck. 

The now-deleted upload read, “This is gonna sound super weird but last night, my pops woke me up around 5 AM asking if I wanted some juice and when I sat up it literally felt as if I caught a charley horse but it was on the right side of my neck.” The post gained relevancy moments before her IG story when a fan said, “What’s sad is the only part I was stuck on was the fact that your dad woke u up to offer you juice… ” Before deleting the tweet, she commented although her father didn’t do that regularly, she accepted the drink. 

Deyjah Harris
Deyjah Harris and T.I. @princess_of_da_south and @troubleman/Instagram

During her Q&A session on Instagram, she responded to a user’s question, which asked why she deleted the “juice” post. Deyjah initially started by saying she’s a very detailed person when storytelling, which led her in the tweet to bring up the “juice” and the hour it occurred. She disclosed she removed the post because it was “blown out of proportion.” 

The 19-year-old added that if her mother did the action, no one would have cared as much, but because of T.I.’s past public comments toward Deyjah — about how he attended her doctor’s appointments to check if her hymen was still intact and to ensure that she was still a virgin — it led to “disgusting assumptions.”

“I know that if I said my mom brought the juice, it wouldn’t have been as serious, which made me feel bad because I know that I can no longer speak on him anymore (on social media). That was my fault though. I should’ve just kept to myself instead of thinking I could be open with twitter like that. That’s my fault. Because instead of people focusing in the main part of the tweet (that it felt like I caught a charlie horse in my neck.. weird but that’s exactly how I felt) they only focused on the juice… and then start making Disgusting assumptions.” 

Fans expressed how bad they felt for Deyjah.

“Imagine people bringing up your trauma while you’re trying to heal and move on. Leave the girl alone.”

“He really embarrassed that girl 🙄.”

“That girl be minding her BUSINESSSSS & then here come somebody bringing it up in the comments 🥴🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“It’s sad she feels it’s her fault for opening up when in fact it’s her father’s fault she can’t.”

Last year during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” the “Live Your Life” lyricist revealed that he had since apologized to his daughter about the public humiliation she faced

He expressed, while mentioning he meant no harm by disclosing that private moment, “I actually spoke about that moment because it was a proud moment for me. ‘I didn’t think of you as a young adult who is beginning her adult life and how that may affect you in a public form. I didn’t. I thought of you as my baby … my baby girl … and I thought of you as now you’re still my baby girl, and I’m proud of that and if that hurt you, I’m sorry. But that wasn’t my intention.’ “

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