‘Phaedra Hasn’t Had the Best Track Record’: Marlo Hampton Fans Dredge Up Phaedra Parks’ Unsuccessful Court Cases After She Hires Parks to Expunge Her Criminal Record

Phaedra Parks hasn’t been on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in seven years, but her name is still a main topic on the Bravo series.

The self-proclaimed Southern belle was brought up by Marlo Hampton during part one of the “RHOA” reunion that premiered on Sunday, Sept. 3, on the Bravo network. 

Marlo Hampton reveals that Phaedra Parks is helping her expunge her criminal record.
Marlo Hampton (left) reveals that Phaedra Parks (right) is helping her expunge her criminal record. (Photo: @marlohampton/Instagram, @phaedraparks/Instagram)

During one segment, Hampton explained how she wanted to wipe away her criminal record. The “L’Archive” founder has had quite a legal track record, for she’s been arrested at least seven times. 

Per documents obtained by RadarOnline, the 47-year-old has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery, violating her parole, possession of a firearm, and “obtaining property or services in return for worthless checks, drafts, or debit card orders.”

In Hampton’s defense, the majority of her run-ins with the law happened while she was in her early 20s, but is something that was made into a huge ordeal throughout “RHOA.” 

Throughout her inconsistent time on the reality show, Hampton’s history with handcuffs and mugshots has been made into countless jokes and cutting rebuttals from her cast mates. 

Recently, Hampton took on the role of “Munty” to care for her nephews Michael and Williams. It appears this role has Hampton wanting to make sure all of her ducks are in a row regarding expunging her criminal record. 

While speaking to host and executive producer Andy Cohen, Hampton noted that she was “trying to” clear her record and the reality star’s friend and “RHOA” co-star Courtney Rhodes offered her services. According to Hampton, Parks is also included in this attempt.

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The mother of two is a skilled attorney whose litigation failures have played out during her time on the show.

“It’s just a waiting process right now, and Phaedra is even helping as well,” Hampton shared. 

After learning about Parks’ involvement in Hampton’s case, fans issued a warning to the fashionista, suggesting that if she wanted to get her record expunged she should hire another lawyer. 

“Marlo said Phaedra is involved in her expungement processing. Girl you’re bout to go BACK to jail.”

“Not Marlo hiring Phaedra the fraud to get her record expunged. We saw her work in Sheree’s child support case and she still hasn’t won a case #RHOA.”

“Marlo going to phaedra to get her record expunged… she might mess around and end up with a few more charges. Yall know Phaedra hasn’t had the best track record with her law career.”

Hampton first joined “RHOA” back in season 4 and was introduced as a friend of Parks and Nene Leakes. She became the first “friend of a housewife” who would officially snag her peach nearly a decade later during the show’s 14th season. 

As for Parks, she left the Housewife franchise after the season 9 reunion. During the explosive four-part reunion, it was revealed that Parks had started a rumor suggesting that Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker were trying to drug and take advantage of Porsha Williams. 

Throughout her time on the show, other cast members and past clients have also cast doubt on her lawyer skills or criticized her for not winning cases. R&B singer Bobby Brown, who was once represented by the reality star, spoke about his time in his book, “Every Little Step.”


He expressed that Parks seemed more focused on the “attention and publicity” she received as his lawyer than on defending him in the case.

“Every time I stepped into the courtroom when she was my lawyer, there would always be a host of television cameras. It was as if she had her own traveling media contingent,” he said. “I even complained to her about it, telling her I didn’t like having the press there every time I approached the courthouse. But it didn’t seem to deter her.”

Though she’s no longer a peach-holder, fans can prepare to see Parks back on their TV screens come Nov. 5 for she is a new cast member of “Married to Medicine” season 10.

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