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‘She Was Ready to Square Up’: Lil Mendeecees’ ‘Stepmom’ Prank on Yandy Smith Goes Left and Fans Are Cracking Up at Her Reaction

“Love and Hip Hop” fans were terrified for Lil Mendeecees’ fate after his prank on his step-mom, Yandy Smith, took a turn for the worse.

The 17-year-old decided to drop “another banger” on his YouTube channel, which featured him pulling a “You’re Not My Mom” trick on Smith. 

Lil Mendeecees is the only child of rapper Mendeecees Harris and his ex-girlfriend Samantha Wallace. The couple were together for four years before splitting in 2006. 

Two years after their breakup, Mendeecees found love in Smith, who embraced Lil Mendeecees as her own. Viewers were able to see the relationship between Smith and the youngster beautifully grow while watching “LHH: NY.” 

Lil Mendeecess' prank on Yandy Smith goes left when fans notice her 'hurt' reaction.
Lil Mendeecess’ prank on Yandy Smith goes left when fans notice her ‘hurt’ reaction. (Pictured: Yandy Smith and Lil Mendeecees/ YouTube)

In his YouTube video, Lil Mendeecees even described Smith as someone who raised him all of his life. 

As the video reached the one-minute mark, the film producer can be seen sitting on a couch and folding what was soon revealed to be Lil Mendeecees’ clothes. 

“You left your clothes in the dryer and I was going to wash clothes,” Smith said. 

An unbothered Mendeecees informed his stepmother that he purposefully left his clothes in the dryer for her to handle. 

“That’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re my stepmom,” he said. 

Smith could then be heard instructing the rising actor to “stop playing” with her and pick up his clothes. 

“And what is this ‘That’s just my stepmom?’ What are you talking about? You sound crazy,” the 41-year-old said. 

Still, in character, Lil Mendeecees suggested that as a stepmother, it is Smith’s responsibility to wait on him. Smith quickly fired back at her non-biological child, stating that all she has to do is “provide a roof, make sure you eat, and make sure you go to school.” 

She then called Lil Mendeecees a “grown kid” who doesn’t need to be catered to. 

Lil Mendeecees chose to emphasize the fact that Smith was his stepmother rather than his birth mom. “You’re my stepmom, that’s what you’re supposed to do,” he said. “You’re my step, stepmom.” 

Smith appeared to be completely confused by Lil Mendeecees’ actions. Therefore, he tossed his clothes on his lap and demanded he fold them up himself. 

“Are you dumb? ’Cause you sound crazy,” she said. “Fold these clothes. I’m done. I was gonna help you out, but you just pissed me off. Matter fact, refold the ones I already folded, ’cause you sound crazy.”’

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Tensions rose throughout the 11-minute video and at one point, Smith even called the “We Get Busy” rapper to inform him about his son’s behavior. 

A snippet of their video made its way to The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where commenters noted how serious a playful prank could become.

“Whewwwwww he lucky she didn’t snatch him up.”

“She was ready to square up.” 

“I don’t ever play pranks on ANY authority in a black household bc they will drag it to hell.”

“Lol ik it’s a prank but I know this hurt her feelings! Hell it hurt mine.” 


The prank resulted in Smith calling Lil Mendeecees’ father to inform him of what happened and how hurt she was. He was so heated from what took place he threatened to send his firstborn son to “military school.”

As previously reported, Smith has played a major role in Lil Mendeecees’ life ever since he was a baby. Though the prank seemed like a good idea at the time, the young buck stated on his Instagram that this was a decision he would “never” do again.

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