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‘You Were a True Angel Putting Yourself In Danger’: ‘LHH’ Star Yandy Smith-Harris Celebrates Husband Mendeecees Harris After He Helped a Boy Following a Hit-and-Run Accident

Mendeecees Harris is a record producer, real estate entrepreneur, rapper, and now hero, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which revealed that Harris helped a teenager who was involved in a hit-and-run car accident in suburban Atlanta on Christmas Eve.

Mendeecees Harris
Mendeecees Harris. (Photo: @mendeecees/Instagram)

The AJC reports 17-year-old Ian Maman was the victim of a terrifying collision on Interstate 75 north of Atlanta that caused his vehicle to spin out of control before bouncing off a wall and back into traffic to be hit again.

“As he’s spinning – he got hit from the back of the car to the front – they were just hitting him all over,” Harris explained to AJC. 

Worried about Maman’s well-being without even knowing him, Harris pulled over in an attempt to help in any way he could. 

“My first instinct is that someone could be stuck in the car, the car could blow up and just try to help them get out of the car as soon as possible,” Harris said.

Maman lost his phone amid the chaos, so Harris called 911 as well as Maman’s parents. Harris’ kindness did not go unnoticed for the 17-year-old’s mother, Debbie Diamond, who stated to AJC that she is “forever grateful” for Harris.

“I’m sure he was busy trying to get to his family, but he did the right thing. As a parent, I will be forever grateful to him.” Diamond said. 

The “We Get Busy” rapper uploaded the article’s headline onto his Instagram page, stating that his actions were a part of “God’s plan.”

Yandy responds to husband Mendeecees’ hero article. @menceedees/Instagram

Several fans commented below his photo agreeing with his caption. 

One of his pinned comments was a lengthy response from his wife, “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Yandy Smith-Harris, who mentioned getting chills as she read the full article with a wish for others to see this side of him opposed to the one that is typically shown by media. 

“We need more of you in the world. This is the side of you I wish the world knew. I’m about to post the whole article. You were a true angel putting yourself in danger,” she wrote. 

Back in 2015, Harris was sentenced to ten years in federal prison for being a part of a drug trafficking ring that included heroin and cocaine. After taking a plea deal, Harris’ sentence was shortened to eight years and after completing parenting, substance abuse, nutrition and public speaking courses Harris received another year off his sentencing. 

In 2020, the New York native was released from prison. This journey was a huge part of his and Smith’s storyline for “LHH.”

Some of Harris’ other storylines included drama between Smith-Harris, his eldest son Mendeecees Jr.’s mother Samantha Wallace, and Erika DeShaz, the mother of his second son, Aasim Harris.

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