‘I Know That’s Not Lil Men’: Mendeecees Harris Shares Hilarious Video of His Son Getting a COVID-19 Test, Fans Are Shocked at His Growth

Much of the world knows by now how uncomfortable it is to get tested for coronavirus. To get the fluid sample correctly, one must stick a swab up the patient’s nose to the back of the nostril and swirl it around. Many people who have been tested reportedly say the test causes major discomfort and sometimes even a burning sensation. Because of this feeling, it’s common for people to scrunch up their faces, and some people have even cried or had nose bleeds.

“Love and Hip Hop” star Mendeecees Harris gave fans a personal look at how his eldest son, Mendeecees Jr. ,reacted to getting his test. Standing in what looked like Mendeecees’s front yard, he and his friend Aron watched as a lady pushed the long swab up Harris’ nose.

Mendeecees Harris Sr. and his son Mendeecees Harris Jr. (Photo: @mendeecess/Instagram)

He closed his eyes as the woman twirled the swab in his nostril, and when she finished she said, “You took it like a G.” Harris commended his son for his bravery by repeating the lady’s words, saying, “He took it like a G.”

In the caption, he wrote, “@lilmendc was scared to take a COVID test but was fronting for me and @aron_ny 😂😂😂😂.”

Fans who watched the video were more concerned with how much Mendeecees Jr. had grown.
One person said, “Dang he has gotten so big I remember when he had that lil curly fro.” Someone else said, “Who is that’s ? I know that’s not Lil Men ?? Omg it feels like I watched him grown up on tv – too handsome 😍.”

Other fans were troubled by how the woman in the video administered the COVID-19 test. “She definitely didn’t go deep enough and didn’t need to do the circular motion that much but proceed,” said one fan. Another wrote, “They barely put the stick up his nose he suppose to have his head back n they go all the way inside his nose 😂😂😂.”

Despite the comments of fans, it seems Little Mendeecees was relieved when the test was complete. Mendeecees Harris is married to Yandy Smith-Harris, with whom he has two children, Omere and Skylar. The couple also has an adopted daughter named Infinity Gilyard. Before marrying Yandy, Mendeecees had two other sons, one of them being Mendeecees Jr., from previous relationships.

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