‘RHOA’ Fans Say Sheree Whitfield Has a History of Deflecting to Throw Shade at Co-star Kandi Burruss. Here Are 5 Times That Looked to Be True

Shereé Whitfield has been an inconsistent cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” franchise for 15 years.

Throughout her time on the show, fans have not only accused her of being a master deflector but also suggested that she constantly comes for her castmate Kandi Burruss.

Fans of Burruss seemed to support this accusation by uploading “receipts” on X to prove just how often Whitfield shades the Xscape singer and uses her as a way to avoid answering juicy questions.

Fans show "receipts" of Sheree Whitfield throwing shade at Kandi Burruss unprovoked.
Fans show “receipts” of Sheree Whitfield throwing shade at Kandi Burruss unprovoked. (L) Sheree Whitfield (Pictured: @shereewhitfield/Instagram) (R) Kandi Burruss (Pictured: @kandi/Instagram)

Here are five times Whitfield seemingly came for Burruss unprovoked: 

“You Weren’t Clear” 

During the “RHOA” season-10 reunion, host and executive producer Andy Cohen asked Whitfield to give an update on her highly anticipated clothing line, She By Shereé. Instead of confirming the official launch date, Whitfield simply replied that her collection would be selling “Joggers.”

Burruss appeared to have noticed Cohen’s confused facial expression and attempted to clarify his question. “No, he’s talking about your clothing line She By Shereé. Are you bringing it back?” the mother of three said. 

Whitfield then told the 47-year-old that she understood Cohen’s question and “answered” it correctly. However, Burruss seemed to disagree and replied, “Well, it wasn’t clear,” to which Whitfield clapped back, “You weren’t clear.” 

Unsure as to why Whitfield had so much smoke for her, Burruss replied, “Why am I getting so much backlash?” But Whitfield assured Burruss that she meant no harm in the statement.

Whitfield Calls Burruss Out for Giving Her “A Look”

Last year, the ladies of “RHOA” season 14 attended Bravocon 2022 to answer questions about their personal lives, relationships and entrepreneurial journeys in a panel-like setup. At the 16:42 mark, Whitfield can be seen speaking on how she’s maintained her focus to finally launch She By Sheree, despite the naysayers. 

Halfway through her explanation, Whitfield decided to single out Burruss who she supposedly caught her making a nasty face at her longtime colleague. 

“Kandi, you okay?” Whitfield asked. Burruss appeared to be taken aback by Whitfield’s abrupt call-out as she responded, “I didn’t say anything… I have not said a word.” 

The remaining four housewives laughed off Whitfield and Burruss’ interaction before the panel host described Burruss’ face as a “resting listening face.” 

Whitfield Offers Burruss KFC In a Shady X Post

Viewers were introduced to Whitfield’s new boo Martell Holt during the premiere episode of “RHOA” season 15. However, many of the ladies weren’t huge fans of the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star, and Burruss was one of them. 

After catching wind of the shady comments Burruss made about Holt, whom she called “community property,” Whitfield seemingly reignited their feud by tweeting, “Maybe I should’ve given her some @kfc at the reunion since food the only peace offering she accepts #RHOA.” 

Throughout her time on the show, it has become a known fact that Burruss has a strong love for food. 

Whitfield Throws Shade at Burruss’ Previous Restaurant Drama 

In part one of the season-15 reunion episode that aired Sunday, Sept. 3, Whitfield sends more shots at Burruss and her restaurant Old Lady Gang. After a back-and-forth with the Grammy Award-winning artist, she called out her “interesting” way of handling bills. 

“No ones ever taken me to court and said that I could not pay their bill honey, or tried to sue me for stealing an idea,” she said. “Hey Johnnie.”

Seven years ago, Burruss was sued by her ex-employee, Johnnie Winston III, who accused her of failure to pay him minimum wage or for his overtime. Winston, who claims he served as her manager and program coordinator, also alleged that Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker stole his restaurant concept for her Old Lady Gang eatery and her popular stage play “A Mother’s Love.”

According to RadarOnline, the state ended up dissolving Burruss’ company, Mama Joyce, LLC. In 2017, the case was closed after she and Winston reached a settlement agreement. 

Whitfield Flips Surgery Accusations Back on Burruss

The explosive interactions between Whitfield and Burruss at the reunion didn’t stop there. The two reality stars went for each other’s necks once again after the self-proclaimed glamma accused the “No Scrubs” songwriter of having surgery “four times.” 

After Whitfield denied receiving plastic surgery she told Burruss, “You’ve had your body done four times, honey, at least. So, we all know that you’re a lover of plastic surgery.” 

Burruss hit back, saying, “I have not had my body done four times,” which prompted Whitfield to sharply ask, “Was it three?” 

Tucker’s wife previously has revealed that she had a breast reduction, liposuction and a tummy tuck. She proudly confessed to undergoing a few body alterations, adding, “I have never denied having plastic surgery. You shouldn’t either. You done had tummy tucks, you done had breast jobs, you had nose jobs multiple times.” 


Burruss also suggested that Whitfield had her nose tweaked before the current season, a rumor “RHOA” fans have speculated about for months. Though Whitfield adamantly denied those claims, Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora both threw in a shady laugh with Sidora, stating, “She didn’t admit it, but we see it.”

Whitfield has taken a few breaks from the reality series since joining as an original cast member for season one in 2008. Meanwhile, Burruss remains as one of the longest-serving cast members since joining season two in 2009.

Whether their interactions appear to be provoked or not, it appears that fans of the Bravo series will always notice when the shade is being thrown.

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