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‘You and Solo Are a Whole Vibe’: Tina Knowles and Her Daughter Solange Dance the Night Away In New Video

Fans cannot contain their love for the close bond Tina Knowles has with her younger daughter, Solange Knowles.  

The mother-and-daughter duo seemingly danced the night away in the 69-year-old’s recent Instagram upload. 

Fans can't get enough of Tina Knowles-Lawson and Solange Knowles' seemingly close-knit relationship. (Pictured: Tina Knowles-Lawson and Solange Knowles.
Fans can’t get enough of Tina Knowles and Solange Knowles’ seemingly close-knit relationship. (Photo: @mstinaknowles/Instagram)

In the video, Mama Tina and Solange swayed from side to side as music played in the background. The “Cranes in the Sky” songstress can be seen rocking a sleeveless black dress as her jet-black natural hair flowed down her back. 

As for her fashion designer mother, Knowles rocked a red buttoned-up blazer and brown slacks. She also sported her signature honey-brown hairstyle which was placed in a semi-side part. 

Throughout the video, voices can be heard in the background hyping the two ladies up. There were a few speculations from fans that one of those voices belonged to Beyoncé. 

“I love nothing better than dancing with my baby Girl @solangeknowles  last night at her new beautiful glassware collection Party,” read Knowles’ caption.

She continued, “Sponsored in partnership with  @crownroyal  It was at a home of the amazing Black pioneering Architect Paul R.Williams . A House Is Not  Home.’” 

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Solange first launched her limited edition collection back in June and shared a lengthy post about her excitement on Instagram.

The “House of Deréon” founder’s upload attained more than 1 million views, with more than 157,000 likes and over 900 comments. 

“Love to see these two together.” 

“Get it Miss Tina. You and Solo are a whole vibe.” 

“I love this! and I am manifesting a beautiful home to house this beautiful collection in and dance around in celebration as well.” 

There were also a few commenters who praised Knowles’ ability to support both of her daughters despite their very busy schedules. 

“One thing Ms Tina is going to do is support her babies!”

“Moma Tina the way you support your girls is so beautiful.” 


From the looks of videos and photos shared online, the Knowles family never misses an opportunity to support one another.

Just recently, Solange couldn’t contain her excitement after witnessing her sister and niece, Blue Ivy Carter, put on an incredible show for Yoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. 

The “Bring It On: All or Nothing” star attended Beyoncé’s show in Washington, D.C., and even told viewers to acknowledge her as “Blue’s auntie only.” 

She also shared a video of her older sister, writing, “That’s myyyy sister yallll forever in awe.” 

Knowles has also expressed how much Beyoncé amazes her in numerous videos shared on her Instagram. The mother of two has accompanied her 28-time Grammy-winning daughter on several stops of her current Renaissance tour and made sure to document every bit online.

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