‘Stuntman Is the Absolute Leader’: Rich Dollaz Lends Title as ‘Leader’ of the Creep Squad  to Safaree Safaree Samuels Following Reports He Hit on Erica Mena’s Best Friend While They Were Married

Rich Dollaz has crowned Safaree Samuels the new leader of the “creep squad” after Erica Mena claimed that her ex-husband tried to make a move on one of her best friends while they were still married. 

'LHH' star Sierra Gates recalls feeling 'uncomfortable' after Erica Mena's ex Safaree confessed to wanting a relationship with her, Rich Dollaz crowns Samuels as the leader of the 'creep squad.'
‘LHH’ star Sierra Gates recalls feeling ‘uncomfortable’ after Erica Mena’s ex Safaree confessed to wanting a relationship with her. Rich Dollaz crowns Samuels as the leader of the ‘creep squad.’ (L) Sierra Gates (Pictured: @sierra_glamshop_/Instagram) (M) Rich Dollaz (Pictured: @richiedollaz/Instagram) (R) Erica Mena (Pictured: @ericamena/Instagram)

In the recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Mena had a sit-down conversation with her two cast mates and longtime friends, Sierra Gates and Adizia “Bambi” Benson. 

During their girl chat, the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” alum recounted a time when Gates called to inform her of some disturbing news regarding Samuels, the father of her two children. 

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Mena and Samuels met in 2017 and married in 2019. The former couple went through a lot in their relationship, which led to Samuel’s infidelities and his absence during the complicated birth of their second child. They attempted to reconcile a few times but ultimately divorced in 2022

“She was like, ‘Sis, I have to tell you something, it’s been killing me,’” Mena told the ladies about what Gates told her. “She admitted to me Safaree called her…”

Before Mena could finish her sentence, Gates quickly interjected to seemingly give more background to the story. “I was letting him know the bull s–t that was going on with me and Eric [Whitehead],” who is her soon-to-be ex-husband.

“He [Samuels] kept texting me, and he was just like… I can show y’all,” Gates said while pulling out her phone. “He was just like, ‘I need to talk to you, I need to talk to you.’ And so then he ended up calling and so I’m like, ‘Bro wassup?’ and he’s like, ‘Umm, I gotta tell you. I feel like you know what I wanna tell you.’”

After beating around the bush, the “Sierra’s Glam Tour” CEO revealed that Samuels allegedly confessed to wanting a relationship with her. 

“Claiming that he’s always had a crush on her,” Mena chimed in.

During her confessional, Gates stated her belief that Samuels’ love confession was only to “get a reaction” out of his now ex-wife. 

“Safaree is a really f—-k up person he’s a real f—-k up individual, he don’t care about Erica, he don’t care about his kids, he don’t care about nobody,” the 34-year-old said before calling him a “selfish creep.” 

She then apologized to Mena before revealing that Samuels even fessed up to recording her whenever she would stop by his and Mena’s house to cook for them. 

The Neighborhood Talk uploaded a snippet of the clip on their page, where Gates claimed that their discussion was never intended to be broadcast for viewers’ entertainment. 

“This did not suppose to film on love and hip hop it supposed to stayed between our friend group! Me and Erica both said we will never talk about this! I was caught off guard in this scene when Erica mentioned it,” she wrote in the outlet’s comment section. 

The mother of two then suggested that Samuels’ confession “put me in a bad headspace! Safaree was a husband to someone I called my sister! He was like a brother!”

Gates stated that the entire situation “made me very uncomfortable.” She said she is currently going through her own “healing journey and don’t have time for this” for matters such as this.

In a previous episode this season, the businesswoman went off on Lil Scrappy regarding his divorce from Bambi. Meanwhile, she’s still processing her own divorce from White.

“I just want peace,” Gates shared. “I’ve been fussing with friends men which is out of line going through my own battles in relationships! Dealing with my own traumas.”

Mena’s ex Rich Dollaz soon chimed in, sharing his two cents about the entire debacle. The two were on and off for years but their complex relationship ended due to allegations of Rich cheating.

“Guess it’s safe to say Stuntman is the absolute leader of the creep squad I don’t even think anyone else would / could debate this,” he exclaimed.

Rich Dollaz crowns Safaree Samuels as the leader of the creep squad following claims that he shot his shot at his ex's best friend.
Rich Dollaz crowns Safaree Samuels as the leader of the creep squad following claims that he shot his shot at his ex’s best friend. (Pictured: @TheNeighborhoodTalk/ Instagram)

Seasons ago on “LHH:NY,” Dollaz, Peter Gunz, DJ Self, and producer Cisco Rosado named themselves “The Creep Squad.” During the season seven reunion in 2017, Dollaz stated that he was the creator of the group, and Gunz claimed he created the name.

It seems like Samuels will be welcomed into “The Creep Squad” with open arms, being that he has a history as a playboy and loves to entertain the ladies online. Maybe Rich is turning over a new leaf after he attempted to attack Samuels for not telling him that he and Erica were together during the reunion special in early 2019.

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