‘Your Older Photos They Don’t Look Like That’:  Fans Race to Defend Blac Chyna’s Unrecognizable Appearance In New Video After Critics Accuse Her of Still Having Face Fillers

Over the past few months, fans have had the opportunity to witness Blac Chyna embark on a “healing journey” that inspired her to reverse all of her cosmetic surgery.  

This makeunder includes the model removing “2-liter Coke bottles” worth of silicone injections from her buttocks, taking out her breast implants, and dissolving her face fillers.

Blac Chyna defends herself against trolls who accuse her of still having face fillers.
Blac Chyna goes on Instagram Live to defend herself against critics who accused her of still having face fillers. (Photo: @blacchyna/Instagram)

She even decided to retire her famous stage name acquired during her dancing days at King of Diamonds. Now, the former video vixen has chosen to go by her real name, Angela White.

Though White has made some noticeable changes in the last year, a few fans believe the model is faking the funk concerning her plastic surgery reversal. 

In an Instagram Live video obtained by @livebitez, White can be seen defending herself against critics who suggested that she still had face fillers. 

“These are my bones,” said White as she pushed on her cheekbones. “You guys, like this is like my bone. Like this is a bone.”

The mother of two even went as far as squeezing her cheekbone, seemingly to show fans that no fillers currently reside in her face. 

She continued, “How can I explain this ? This is my bone.” 

White noted that “high cheekbones” come to her “naturally” thanks to her mother Tokyo Toni’s genetics. 

“If you go on my mom’s page, and like look at her older photos. Or if you look at like my grandpa, high cheekbones. ‘Cause they’re Dominican. I’m just, I’m Black,” she stated. 

White also suggested that as a person gets older, the amount of collagen in their face decreases. 

“When you have a more youthful look, like it’s more fluffy,” the Lashed Cosmetics founder said. 

Despite her explanation, a few social media users still weren’t fully convinced that the model’s chiseled look was all natural.

“But in your older photos they don’t look like that girl. I love you but your face is not the same lol.” 

“Ehhh i got high cheek bones & it don’t look like that.”

“I’m 59 and I ain’t lost no collagen in my face my cheek bones still intact.” 

Nevertheless, there were plenty of commenters who raced to White’s defense. One Instagram user wrote, “And you can tell by her mother and definitely does get it from them.”

Another person penned, “Ur naturally pretty and so happy for ur growth …u look really healthy too.” 

One social media user even shamed critics by writing, “Y’all are so mean…” 

A few days ago, White landed her first fashion deal since her body transformation. In a post shared on her Instagram, the 35-year-old announced that she had partnered up with the underwear company Ethika.

It was also revealed that she is set to star in the second season of Fox’s new show “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.”

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