‘She Looks So Good’: Blac Chyna Says She’s Lost Weight After Removing ‘2-Liter Coke Bottle’ Worth of Silicone Injections

Angela Renée White aka Blac Chyna has been documenting her healing journey for the past few weeks on social media, and now the mompreneur is sharing what she calls untold truths about plastic surgery. 

White’s journey involves baptism, dissolving her face fillers, quitting OnlyFans, and removing her breast and butt injections.

Blac Chyna shows off weight loss after removing silicone butt injections. (Photos: @blacchyna/Instagram, @accesshollywood/YouTube screeenshot)

The rapper was just 19 years old when she allowed an unlicensed individual to inject her bottom. 

She told “Access Hollywood” that her decision to reverse all of her cosmetic procedures stemmed from illegal silicone injections in her butt.

“This is a regular person that’s doing it,” White said. “So they’re getting whatever it is, substance that they’re doing and giving it to you. They’re not gonna tell you, ‘Hey! You know you can possibly die.'”

She continued, “My rear end would get like super like inflamed and it would get really, really hard and really hot. It was very scary.” 

According to the outlet, it took cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Matlock eight hours to reverse the procedure.

“The physical dangers of getting illegal fillers are many,” the Beverly Hills doctor said. “You can have infection, abscesses, sepsis. Sepsis patients can die from that.” 

White revealed that 1,250 CCs were removed from her butt, which she described as a “2-liter coke bottle all in my booty.” CCs stand for cubic centimeters and are characterized by size. According to Piedmont Plastic Surgery, “the higher the number of CCs in an implant, the larger it is.” 

“The Black Hamptons” star said she has lost 10 pounds since the removal. She said, now looking in the mirror, “I see beauty. I see wisdom. Yeah, I see myself. I feel good about it too.” 

Several fans on social media applauded White’s “life-changing journey” and commended her for being honest about the entire process. 

“I love this for her she looks tf good,” wrote one fan on Twitter, attached with a video of White showing off her hair and makeup. She appeared in a Mugler out, long black hair and a snatched waist.

“She looks GOOD AFF omgggg.”

“I love this for her she looks tf good.”

“She looks so good. And she looks like her spirit is lighter which makes her shine even more. #theglowup.”

White also talked about her surgeries in another interview this week. On “The Tamron Hall Show,” she recalls receiving face fillers and other procedures for free at clinics that wanted to increase “traffic” and attract others to have surgery.

“Because I wanted the chisel look but I already had the chisel look before,” said White. “I wanted more of this. I just wanted to look perfect.”

She added that she’s been sober for seven months as she embarks on her new journey with hopes of landing more gigs as an actress.

White documented the process of having her face fillers removed. The mother of two expressed that she had grown “tired” of the look.

“I feel like I’ve outgrown that and it’s just time for a change,” she said. 

The former stripper recently announced the removal of her Baphomet tattoo, which no longer aligned with her lifestyle. 

White’s newfound healing journey has captured the attention of audiences everywhere who support her transformation.

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