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‘Too-Skinny!’: Eva Marcille Fans Race to Defense After Trolls Claim She Looks Shockingly Thin In New Photos

Fans have questions after noticing Eva Marcille‘s seemingly thinner appearance in new photos while on vacation in Italy.

The “America’s Next Top Model” cycle three winner is currently enjoying her time away from home with friends, and she decided to give her Instagram followers a closer look by sharing two photos on her page. 

Marcille’s first image was a selfie that showed the actress staring into the distance from what appears to be the deck of a yacht. Her hair was tied into a back bun and fans could see that she was rocking something silk and black, although it was unclear whether the outfit was a dress or a top. 

Eva Marcille faces questions about her apparent drastic weight loss. (Pictured: @evamarcille/Instagram)

For her second photo, the mother of three gave fans a closer look into her view of the Amalfi coast of Italy. In the picture, viewers could see a few trees blocking the sun just above the ocean horizon.

Marcille kept her caption short, attaching only her signature sunflower emoji to the upload. While many praised how beautiful “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum looked, a few zoomed in on her seemingly thinner appearance. 

“She’s always trying to look sexy. You’re beautiful, but gain your weight back!”

“Very Beautiful, Eva the Diva but too-skinny!”

“I hope the loss of weight.  Is playing into the role she playing on All the Queens Men, and it called for her to lose weight.” 

Nevertheless, there were a ton of commenters who rallied to defend Marcille and urged folks to stop mentioning her weight altogether. 

“That’s Social Media for you! You gain weight they say you get ‘fat’ and if you lose weight, you get too ‘skinny or you’re sick’ LIVE YOUR LIFE and don’t listen to folks, who have nothing to offer other than being NEGATIVE & MISERABLE! #MISERYLIKESCOMPANY.” 

“Yall don’t know what this woman is going through yall keep talking about her weight she is still beautiful  leave this woman alone!”

Marcille seemed to appreciate that comment, for she responded using a heart emoji. 

Another comment read, “She looks fine! How do u guys know her weight loss wasn’t intentional? She looks awesome as always.” 

Numerous celebrities have been faced with weight loss questions from the public. A few of those entertainers include Anthony Anderson, Meek Mill, and the late Chadwick Boseman. 

Boseman’s gaunt-like appearance caused commotion online just months before the beloved actor passed away from colon cancer in April 2020.

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