‘You’re So Small! Whoa!!’: Fans Send Anthony Anderson Prayers After Noticing His Shockingly Thin Appearance in New Photo

Fans are choosing their words wisely when commenting on Anthony Anderson’s thinner appearance. The actor caught the attention of many when he posted a photo from his greenroom ahead of an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

In it, Anderson is wearing a simple outfit that consists of a pair of black pants and a white Dolce & Gabbana polo, and his signature smile.

He wrote, “Hey hey!!! I’m on set today with Kelly Clarkson! One of the things we talked about is an issue that I’m super passionate about – the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Did you know that people living with type 2 diabetes have an up to 4x greater risk of stroke, heart attack or cardiovascular death? Crazy, right?! It’s so important to stay educated so be sure to tune in! Visit GetRealAboutDiabetes.com to learn more about what YOU can do to keep yourself and loved ones safe.”

Anthony Anderson. (Photo: Anthonyanderson/instagram.)

His general physique appears thinner than months prior. Concerned social media users questioned if there were other underlying health issues at play.

“Is he ok?” asked one person. 

“I know he’s been fighting type two diabetes since 2002, but something else maybe wrong,” wrote another. The “Black-ish” star has been a public advocate for the disease for years.

Two years ago, when Will Smith issued a post-quarantine weight loss challenge, Anderson was quick to join in. He snapped a photo of himself wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs as he stated that he was all in to shed weight over the course of 12 weeks without the help of a personal trainer. At the time, he weighed in at 223.

Goodbye Cookies, Hello Spinach': Will Smith's New Challenge Encourages Anthony Anderson, Flex Alexander and Others to Share Their 'Dad Bod' Photos
Anthony Anderson and his celebrity friends embark on the “Big Willie” weight loss challenge inspired by Will Smith. (Photo:@anthonyanderson/Instagram.)

A month later, in June, he updated fans on his fitness journey, showing off an intense calorie-burning session in the ring with his boxing coach, Phil Polina. Since then, he has sported a leaner and stronger-appearing figure, but still, the recent photo was unsettling to his fans. In the comments, there were countless others who drew comparisons between Anderson and the late Chadwick Boseman’s weight loss.

“What we not gonna do is make fun of his weight because we all know drastic weight loss can be associated with illness (or maybe he’s just been working out)..whatever the case ITS NOT OUR BUSINESS,” read a comment.

“D–n y’all still didn’t learn y’all lesson with chadwick huh?” asked a second person.

“Y’all please stop with these comments. This exactly what ppl did with Chadwick my goodness,” wrote a third.

In the latter months of his private battle with colon cancer, the “Black Panther” star appeared frail, and his face had become sunken due to his significant weight loss. While some questioned if the drastic change in his build was necessary for a role, others ridiculed him with their comments on social media.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, which was shared in April 2020, Boseman’s gaunt-like appearance was seen for the last time as he implored his followers to support Black businesses, mentor others, and he offered a message of hope for the world. He passed away at the age of 43 three months later. Only in his death did the public learn of his health battle and the reason behind his unrecognizable appearance.

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