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‘She Still Look Jealous of the Attention He Gets’: Fans Notice Ayesha Curry Giving Husband Steph Curry the ‘Side Eye’ After Drake Gives Him a Shoutout During Concert

Several fans have questioned Ayesha Curry’s body language after an interaction with Drake seemingly went left. 

The cookbook author and her NBA superstar husband Stephen Curry enjoyed a night out at the Drake concert in Brooklyn, New York.

Ayesha and Steph Curry. (Photos: Ayeshacurry/Instagram)

A video of the “One Dance” rapper going up to the successful couple in their VIP section began making rounds on social media. In the 18-second recording, Drake can be seen asking his audience to cheer for his “brother.”

“I got my brother with me in the building,” the Canadian rapper said before pointing to their debatable resemblance. “They say we look alike,” Drake said. 

He continued telling his crowd, “Make some noise for my brother Steph Curry in the building one time.” As applause filled up the room, Drake made sure to shine a light on Ayesha and on Curry’s mother, Sonya Curry, who was also in attendance. 

“Oh, and of course the lovely Ayesha Curry and mama bear, you know,” he said. The camera then zoomed in on Ayesha, who was caught frowning at Drake right before she shook her head. 

The mother of three then smiled and shifted her focus on Sonya, who could be seen making a rockstar symbol with her fingers. 

Once the video hit Complex’s Twitter page, several fans decided to break down Ayesha’s seemingly “attention-seeking” behavior. 

“She still look jealous of the attention he gets.”

“Ayo why she hating low key tho? the side eye.”

“She’s married to one for the greatest sportsmen of this generation & still wants to be the centre of attention all the time.”

Nevertheless, there were a few users who rallied behind Ayesha and noted that people can’t pick up on accurate details from a quick video.

“Ayesha literally made a regular human face … & hundreds of grown adult MEN are calling his wife a hater & jealous..I cannot make this up. Again but when I call y’all SASSY …..” 

All of a sudden everybody gotta PhD in reading body language lmaooo.” 

In 2019, Ayesha faced public criticism for sharing her opinion about wanting male attention while talking to Jada Pinkett Smith on her Emmy-winning, now former talk show “Red Table Talk.”

During the controversial conversation, Ayesha confessed feeling insecure about the number of women who threw themselves at her four-time winning NBA championship husband. 

Recently, the “I Know This to Be True: Ayesha Curry” author told Insider Magazine that she felt as though her comments were taken out of “context.”  

The Currys married in 2011, and went on to have three children together: 10-year-old Riley, 8-year-old Ryan and 5-year-old Canon.

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