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‘She Looks Like Steph’s Mother’: Ayesha and Steph Curry Celebrate Their Daughter Ryan’s Seventh Birthday, Fans Note Who She Resembles the Most

Ayesha and Steph Curry’s daughter Ryan turned 7 years old and the pair both shared photos of her on their Instagram pages and wished her a happy birthday. 

Ayesha wrote, “Our baby girl is 7! She is compassionate, headstrong, caring. Smart, beyond loving and certainly beats his own drum.” The mom of three continued, “We love our little butterfly. @stephcurry30 and I are so proud.” 

She Looks Like Steph's Mother': Ayesha and Steph Curry Celebrate Their Daughter Ryan's Seventh Birthday, Fans Note Who She Resembles the Most
Picture: Ryan Curry Source: @ayeshacurry/Instagram

Supporters of the entrepreneur ran to the comments section to wish her little girl a happy birthday and wrote which family member they thought she favored the most. 

One fan commented, “She is too cute looking like Sydel! Happy birthday Ryan.” That comment was followed by one from someone else who agreed, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

Sydel Curry is Steph Curry’s younger sister who happens to be a YouTuber. She has over 100,000 subscribers and even featured Steph and Ayesha in one of her YouTube videos. 

Many other fans agreed with the similarity comparison and also compared Ryan’s looks to Steph’s mother, Sonya Curry

“Aww she looks just like her auntie”

“She looks like her grandma Sonya”

“Looking like her auntie Sydel [heart eyes]”

“She’s Steph’s sister’s twin!”

“She looks like Steph’s mother!”

Stephen Curry shouted out his special girl as well in his sweet birthday message. 

“Special happy birthday and Lucky #7 for my Ryan! Love everything about this special girl [heart eyes emoji] [butterfly emoji] shine bright my baby”

Fans went back and forth in his comments section, trying to decide if she resembled him or Ayesha more. 

“Your twin”

“She looks like chef Ayesha”

“She looks just like you”

“So cute, perfect mix between both parents”

The public also wrote how fast time is flying as many remembered when Ayesha was pregnant with Ryan. 

“Seven!? I feel like she turned three a couple weeks ago”

“She was just three yesterday [sad face]”

“I feel like she was just born yesterday!”

Ryan celebrated her birthday with a huge cake, sandwiches and tea. 

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