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‘Nicely Scripted Relationship’: Damson Idris Gushes Over Lori Harvey’s New Bikini Photo, Fans Say He’s Playing His Part

British hearthrob Damson Idris has been romantically linked to Lori Harvey for the past few months. The couple went public with their relationship in January, but questions have lingered from followers of the two about whether they are truly in love or adhering to some sort of potential public relations arrangement.

On July 5, Harvey shared a new photo of herself in a bikini from the clothing brand, Pretty Little Things. She pulled her hair back into a bun and brushed out her baby hairs.

In the caption, the model revealed that she has an upcoming collaboration with the company, launching on July 11.

Lori Harvey leaves her man, Damson Idris, and fans drooling over a new photo of her in a bikini. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

“You don’t wanna miss it,” Harvey concluded. Her beau was one of the first individuals to gush over her toned body in her comments section, where he shared an array of heart eye emojis.

“I don’t even know what else to say,” he continued, sharing her post on his Instagram Story.

A few other comments included, “IT girl and she ain’t playing TAG…” and “she can have the simplest hairstyle and look absolutely gorgeous.”

The “Snowfall” actor joined the SKN by Lori Harvey founder in her last photo dump of bikini pics back in April. Many who noticed his absence this time around began asking, “Where is Damson?”

The 25-year-old has a history of dating high-profile men in the entertainment and music industry. Some of them include Future, Trey Songz, Justin Combs, allegedly his father, Diddy, soccer player Memphis Depay, and her former beau from last year, Michael B. Jordan.

Harvey and Jordan were the It couple of 2021 and half of 2022 until their split. Many speculated that their breakup came from him wanting to get married and her choosing herself.

Fans believed their relationship appeared more authentic than her current relationship with Idris, and many suspect he’s on borrowed time.

“Don’t break Damson’s heart mwaiche,” said one person. Anoother penned, “Nicely scripted relationship .. enjoy for a while.”

Critics have accused the couple of lacking chemisty when standing together on red carpets or in photos. They don’t share as many photos on social media she did with Jordan and according to Idris, that’s because he’s simply protecting his peace.

“You stay at home and hide in the cave,” he joked during an interview with Rolling Stone. “No, I think my advice to anyone who walks down that path is to just keep it as regular and normal as possible and really, really connect to each other and not the outside forces around.”

After folks criticized their standoff-ish appearance at the season 6 “Snowfall” premiere, Harvey shut down a critic, who called out “how far apart they’re standing.”

“Or maybe I just had on body makeup and told him don’t stand too close to me because I didn’t want to get it on his suit lol y’all try to find a problem with everything,” she replied.

It’s obvious neither Harvey nor Idris is worried about what others think about their relationship.

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