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‘This Seem Like Another Michael B Jordan Relationship’: Lori Harvey Puts It All on Damson Idris In New Photos from Their Romantic Vacation, Messy Fans Bring Up Lori’s Ex

Damson Idris and Lori Harvey are still going strong … for now.

The new couple broke the internet after both Harvey and Idris uploaded a photo from their recent vacation getaway. On April 6, Idris posted a video on his Instagram story, which showed nothing but a wide nice blue sky, sunshine, sand, and a boat floating in clear blue water.

Photos from Damson Idris and Lori Harvey’s vacation. (Photos: @damsonidris/Instagram, @loriharvey/Instagram.

Harvey’s Instagram showed something very similar, but she shared a few more stories than her beau. The first one mimicked Idris’ with the beachside view, but she also showed fans a glimpse of her knees in the photo.

The next story was a clip of her looking quite moisturized, wearing an orange bikini with a necklace and sunglasses. As Harvey moves the phone above her, she covers her face to block out the sun.

But it was the final photo on Harvey’s story that caused the most chatter. Again the photo showed the couple together sitting beachside. Idris can be seen laying on his stomach on a beach chair while Harvey sits on his backside, holding a drink and her straw hat.

It’s not clear where the two love birds sneaked off for vacation, but it looks like it may be out of the country.

While these two are trying to get their relaxation on, messy fans couldn’t help themselves but mention one of Harvey’s most recent ex, Michael B. Jordan.

In the comments, one person said, “I just don’t know what to believe. I know people can do what they want in their relationships but I feel it’s documented too much for the gram. This seem like another Michael B Jordan relationship.”

Another commenter wrote, “Turtle and nugget 2.0,” which happens to be the nicknames that Jordan and Harvey had for each other during their year-and-a-half relationship.

But the messiness did not stop there. Others joked how Idris’ time may be up soon with Harvey, as she is known to have quite the reputation when it comes to dating.

Harvey is not one to stick around in a relationship that no longer serves her, and because of that, she has built a repertoire of men that she has dated — and possibly dumped — over the years.

Before becoming as popular as she is, Harvey was engaged to soccer player Memphis Depay at just 20 years old.

It’s been rumored that she dated both Diddy and his son Justin Combs, but Harvey herself said it wasn’t true that she dated a father and son. But she did not say if she dated either one at all.

The 26-year-old has also been linked to artists Trey Songz and Future, though her last boyfriend before Idris was Jordan. Many folks criticized Harvey for hopping from partner to partner in such a short time span.

But in her defense, some believe she is well within her right, noting that she is dating the way many people should.

However, because her relationships rarely last beyond a year, many people like to allege that her relationships are PR stunts and joke that whoever she’s dating at the time will not last long. There’s also a rumor that she has men sign a $1 million nondisclosure agreement if they want to date her.

Hence why, comments like “He better not get comfortable… he got bout 2 more weeks before she cut him loose,” and “He bout this close to the deadline of his contract” exist.

Idris and Harvey have been Instagram official for roughly three months, so time will tell if they will last.
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