‘Let’s Not Forget She Is the Female Future’: Lori Harvey, Spotted with NYC Model Luka Sabbat, Quickly Shuts Down Dating Rumors Months After Following Split with Damson Idris 

Hall & Oates might have foreshadowed the dating prowess of Lori Harvey when they released their 1982 No. 1 hit “Maneater.”

Although Hollywood’s current “it” girl, who has been linked to high-profile names like Damson Idris, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Justin Combs, Future, and Michael B. Jordan, wasn’t born until 15 years later, their cautionary lyrics, “Watch out boys, she’ll chew you up,” seem to resonate as a warning today.

It’s advice that Hollywood’s eligible bachelors should heed, especially Luka Sabbat, the model and “Grown-ish” TV star.

Paparazzi recently captured Harvey and Sabbat dining at the chic L’Avenue restaurant in Paris.

The 27-year-old beauty, upon noticing the cameras, stared them down, sparking immediate speculation that maybe the duo was on a date and didn’t want anyone to know.

The Shade Room kicked the buzz into overdrive by posting the video and photos, igniting a flurry of rumors that Sabbat, who is from New York but lived most of his childhood in Paris, might be Harvey’s new beau.

“Bruh Lori is a dating beast!” one of the platform’s 29.3 million followers wrote. A separate comment joked, “Lori collects men like Pokémon cards.”

Another joked, “She done had 100 dudes but no baby daddies. IMPRESSIVE.”

Looking at Sabbat’s long locs and carefree style, one Instagram user wrote, “She don’t have a type her roster like a crayola box.”

“Let’s not forget she is the female Future,” a fourth comment said.

The reference to the Atlanta rapper pokes fun at the fact he has dated many women, including the nine mothers of his children, and how easily he seems to move on to the next girl. Future and Lori dated for a few months between 2019 and 2020.

Many of the comments in the post also focused on Sabbat smoking cigarettes and the influencer tossing the look of death at the videographers rather than seeming to be worried about whether it appeared the two were on a date.

With the rumor mill churning at full speed, Harvey herself put the brakes on the fun and hopped into the comments to set the record straight about their lunch, posting, “Aht aht! Me and Luka have been friends for years let’s not start this narrative.”

There have been a lot of narratives about Harvey over the years. One narrative was that she makes her suitors sign a $1 million nondisclosure agreement if they want to date her. Another narrative that was set straight a few months ago is that her famous stepfather Steve Harvey didn’t give her game about men.

However, the “Think Like A Man” author might have given his girls the wisdom that allowed them to dodge a lot of the mess that swimming in the dating pool.

According to Steve, no one shows their true self when two people first start dating.

“You can think a person is wonderful, but everybody’s wonderful in the beginning. Everybody, you always meet the mask,” the “Family Feud” host explained. “The mask can last for about 90 days, and then, after a while, the mask starts unraveling, and I just try to wait on that period. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t.”

He also said that he gives all the men that date his daughters the vibe test. “If you come in the house, and I know right off the top that you’re just not a good guy, I start the reading process right away. I don’t say nothing to my daughter, I just, behind the scenes, I start working toward getting rid of this guy.”

“The person you choose to spend your life with is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make,” Steve added. “That relationship becomes an elevator. It can take you up or it can take you down, so choose wisely.”

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