‘See This What Misa Was Talmbout!’: Diddy and Two of His Sons Spotted Doing This During Performance, Fans Immediately Bring Up Justin Combs’ Mother

Sean “Diddy” Combs and two of his sons were caught promoting his liquor brand weeks after the mother of his oldest biological son, Justin Combs, called out the music mogul online.

Misa Hylton, Justin’s mother, called out the 52-year-old after their son was arrested for a DUI on June 4 near Beverly Hills, California. Details about the incident have been vague and Justin has been rather quiet on social media himself.

But Hylton implied she knew more than everyone after going on a rant about her ex the next day. In her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “I’m not Protecting no one anymore Just my son. And ALL the children.”

Misa Hylton, Sean Combs and their son, Justin Dior Combs. (Photos: @misahylton/Instagram; Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Global Spin Awards)

Hylton also made reference to Diddy’s liquor brands, Ciroc and DeLeón Tequila.

“How you go from one the greatest to ever do it TO making all you money off alcohol and suing the damn alcohol company,” she said. “Sell something healthy that builds people up. I’m sick it it!!!! NOT MINES.”

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In a new post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, Diddy’s 25-year-old son, King Combs, and his 32-year-old adopted son with the late Kim Porter, Quincy Brown, can be seen holding up bottles of DeLeón as their father sang his single “Act Bad.”

“Not Diddy got the kids being bottle boys,” the outlet captioned the photo.

Quincy’s biological father is “Nite and Day” singer Al B. Sure.

Fans in the outlet’s comment section appear to have mixed responses about the video, though many seemed to agree with Hylton’s assessment of Diddy’s behavior.

“Misa about to use this as ‘exhibit z,’” wrote one fan.

“See this what Misa was talmbout!,” noted another.

“This is what Justin’s mother was talking about but y’all so small minded and never see the bigger picture. I’m tired,” echoed a third.

One fan noted that both Justin and Quincy are adults, not boys, who were simply having fun while celebrating with their dad.

“So two grown a—  men partying with they dad holding up the bottles he own which they will inherit gets them a caption of being called Bottle Boys. Thats Wild. Lol. Most dads and sons never have the opportunity to party together especially at this level of success. But i guess Christian and Quincy should go church. Lol.”

“Didddy been doing this sh-t since the 80s it’s 2023.”


Nearly a week after Hylton called out Diddy, the two had an interesting exchange in the comment section of one of Diddy’s posts.

“Sometimes you have to say F—k everybody. It’s all right,” he said in a video. “F—k it Friday. Let’s go.”

After Hylton seemingly agreed with his “F—k it Friday” motto, the Bad Boy Records CEO replied, “I love you queen. Stay in the light.” For unknown reasons, social media users viewed his remarks as a “threatening” message.

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