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‘Miss All Her Junk In the Junk’: Jordyn Woods Flaunts Her ‘Natural’ Curves on the ‘Gram, Fans Warn Her About Losing ‘Too’ Much Weight

Jordyn Woods heated up fans’ timelines after dropping cheeky beach photos on her Instagram account. 

The young socialite recently enjoyed a vacation in Dubai with Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns, her longtime boyfriend. In typical influencer fashion, Woods documented pieces of her trip through videos and photos that were later shared on her social media accounts. 

In one of the model’s latest uploads, she can be seen wearing a chocolate-brown one-piece bathing suit as she poses for pictures. Throughout her carousel of images, she is surrounded by mounds of sand and the ocean as blue as the sky as her backdrop.

Jordyn Woods shows off ‘natural curves,’ but fans are concerned that the model is shredding ‘too’ much weight. (Pictured: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

The 25-year-old’s post consisted of more photos of her sitting down and standing up as her light brown bohemian-styled braids flowed in the wind. 

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf,” she wrote as her caption. 

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Although Woods’ like count is currently hidden, she received over 690 comments from users who were mesmerized by her “natural body,” and couldn’t help but mention how amazing she looked. 

“The Gyal looks good.”

“That’s that NATURAL PRESSURE.” 

As expected, with support comes hate from critics who claimed that the “Woods by Jordyn” founder was simply losing too much weight. 

“You are amazing but don’t get too slim.”

“Why is she getting so thin. Miss all her junk in the junk.” 

Woods’ natural curves are frequently brought into question, and lately some social media users have been accusing her of using a weight loss medicine to help shed some pounds. Many have claimed that she takes the diabetic drug, Ozempic, which helps people become full faster by suppressing their appetite. 

Despite the hearsay, Woods hasn’t strayed from her initial testimony of how she acquired her hourglass physique. In several YouTube and Instagram videos published since 2020, fans can see she has been actively and consistently working out in the gym. 

The businesswoman also frequently shares her gym workouts and even created her own fitness app, FrstPlace. Released in 2021, FrstPlace offers in-app purchases of $29.99 to help motivate those who want a healthier lifestyle. 

According to “FP’s” bio, the company is, “focused on so much more than physical fitness.”

Even on vacation, Woods managed to squeeze in some time to work on her fit body, as seen in one of her latest Instagram videos. It is evident that the fitness enthusiast loves feeling the burn.

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