‘Babyyy the Body Is Bodyingggg’: Jordyn Woods Fans Are Left Mesmerized By Her Weight Loss Following This Beach Post 

Jordyn Woods’ latest Instagram post gave a whole new spin to beach attire. 

The 25-year-old entrepreneur shared 10 photos all in one upload, which showed her posing on a relaxing shore while wearing leisure apparel. 

Woods looked rather comfortable as she rocked a white fur-knitted cardigan, a white cropped tank top, baggy boyfriend jeans, and bedazzled slides. 

Jordyn Woods shows off her V-shaped torso in new beach photos. (Pictured: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

“Something bout the way you just get me,” Woods wrote for her caption. 

The upload received over 540,000 likes with over 1,800 comments from fans who complimented her skinny physique and toned abs

“Ok V cut!!! [fire emojis].” 

“Girlll I see them workouts starting to REFLECT.”

“Babyyy the body is bodyingggg.”


Woods has welcomed her 12.4 million followers on her fitness and wellness journey over the past few years. The Woods by Jordyn creator constantly posts workout videos on her page as well as her healthy homemade dinners. 

In a 2021 conversation on Instagram live with pop star and actress Chloe Bailey, Woods gave fans insight into her body, diet, and workout routine. 

“Your lifestyle should be about longevity; I don’t believe in those crash diets,” she shared.

“If I wanna have dessert or if I wanna eat fried chicken I’m gonna do it. But it’s all about moderation, ‘cause I wanna build a sustainable life. I don’t wanna build a life that I can’t maintain.” 

As their conversation progressed, the model confessed that she was still trying to understand her relationship with food. 

“Growing up, I wish that I knew more about nutrients,” Woods expressed, “I wish that I knew how to take care of my body. Like, the girls that could eat whatever they wanted to and nothing happened, I don’t have the same body type.”

Nearly two years ago, Woods posted a lengthy message on her Instagram page that compared her teenage body to her grown woman body. 

In the caption, she admitted that dropping a few pounds happened after “a lot of mental and emotional work” was completed. 

Fans can keep up with Woods and her witness journey through her Instagram, and also by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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