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‘If This Is the In Progress Phase I’m Scared of Her’: Jordyn Woods Shows Off Her Slim Figure In New Photos, Fans Say She Looks Summer Ready

Jordyn Woods is spending her free time in the gym prepping her summer body. But a recent snapshot of the socialite’s physique has fans wondering if working out is the only thing she’s doing.

The 25-year-old popped out courtside on Monday, April 24, at the Target Center in Minneapolis for Game 4 of the Denver Nuggets versus Minnesota Timberwolves playoff series in support of her boyfriend, Karl-Anthony Towns, as he contributed a desultory 17 points and 11 rebounds to delay his summer vacation for at least one more game. 

In normal influencer fashion, Woods posted several photos on her Instagram showing off her stylish outfit consisting of green cargo pants, a green leather jacket, green bedazzled Nike sneakers, and a green long-sleeved cropped shirt that highlighted her defined stomach. 

Jordyn Woods new posts has fans wondering if she had surgery (Pictured: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

One photo, in particular, was a mirror flick shared on her Instagram story that solely focused on the beauty guru’s figure. 

“This is still in the oven getting summer ready,” Woods wrote over the picture, “but just know when I’m ready, you’re gonna be sick of me.”

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Before her upload expired, it was obtained by the gossip outlet @theybf_daily and reposted on their Instagram page. It didn’t take long before fans rushed to the comment section, noting how perfectly shaped the 25-year-old already appears to be. 

“If this is the ‘in progress’ phase, I’m scared of her”

“She’s gorgeous… TH she talking bout!? Her body is already SICK!!!!!!”

“It’s Been ready sis”

While several commenters acknowledged how amazing Woods looked, a few suggested that something seemed different about her physicality. 

“She’s pretty, but I can’t tell if she just lost more weight or if she had work done. She posted a pic with her sister who is basically her twin and they don’t really look alike anymore,” one fan wrote. 

“We or. She looks completely different.” 

Woods has never publically admitted to receiving any plastic surgery, but she is a major advocate for health and fitness.

Over the past two years, she has opened up about her weight loss journey, crediting her slimmer figure to cardio and ab workouts. She shared her secret about her strict diet and workout routine in a 2021 conversation with Chlöe Bailey. 

“Growing up, I wish that I knew more about nutrients,” Woods said at the time. “I wish that I knew how to take care of my body. Like, the girls that could eat whatever they wanted to and nothing happened, I don’t have the same body type.”

In 2020, Woods’ mother, Elizabeth Woods, penned a lengthy message to critics who speculated that the aspiring fashion designer received a BBL. 

“@jordynwoods yes is my daughter which means she has my genetics,” the 53-year-old wrote. “We have ass naturally! No one has gotten any butt lifts…”

She continued, “this is one of the craziest things that I keep reading..let’s focus on important things everyone and make a positive change.”

Though the surgery rumors have not stopped, that was the last time anyone close to Woods spoke out about her alleged surgeries.

Regardless of the backlash, there’s no denying that Jordyn Woods takes care of her body while leaving fans swooning over her natural-looking assets.

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