‘Mona Is Not a Good Person’: Joseline Hernandez Says ‘Jealous’ Mona Scott-Young Tried to ‘Sabotage’ Her Career After ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ and Now Refuses to Make Peace

Despite the naysayers and criticism, Joseline Hernandez has built herself into a household name after her introduction on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2012.

She was introduced as a former stripper and aspiring artist from Miami who attached herself to music producer Stevie J in hopes of taking her career to new heights. She went on to create and be featured in some of the show’s biggest and most viral moments, for which she was paid generously.

“One episode might take three days to shoot but that’ll cost you $100,000 for me,” she reveals during a recent appearance on the “Drinks Champs” podcast.

After five years, Hernandez quit the VH1 series in 2017 — the same year she and other castmates from the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise called out the show’s creator Mona Scott-Young.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez (left) and Mona Scott-Young (right). (Photos: @joseline/Instagram, @monascott/Instagram)

Podcast host N.O.R.E. complimented Hernandez for standing her ground after accusing her former executive producer of exploiting people of color. She also claims Scott-Young was supportive of her career endeavors.

“Mona is not a good person,” she began. “I feel like with her, she’s just a jealous person. She don’t never really want to see nobody win because you have to remember Mona was not the best-looking thing walking around, she was a puppet. Always had that curly wig.”

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The reality star said, “I was so young when I first started doing ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ so it for me I was like, ‘Please, Mona, can you please help me.’ Like, literally, begged her.”

“You think she did that? No!” Hernandez continued. “She did everything to sabotage me and nothing to help me.”

The creator of “Joseline’s Cabaret” then revealed that she met her ex Stevie J “a week before going on” “LHH: ATL.” She said she had no clue he was doing the show until he brought her to Scott-Young. 

“The next thing I know the next day I’m doing green screens,” she stated. “I went from making $1,100 one day to the next day making $5,500, the week making $11,500, and then $20K the next month. What the f—k going on?!”

The “Live Your Best Life” singer admitted she’s tried to reach out to Scott-Young before but it never worked out.

“She just never wanted peace. She knew that I would be doing exactly what I’m doing — becoming the biggest Latin superstar there is.” 

Hernandez added, “I have a long way to go.”

Hernandez claims Scott-Young has trouble accepting that she went on to have continued success without her. 

N.O.R.E. then began comparing her to Grammy-winning artist Cardi B, who joined season 6 of “LHHNY” as an aspiring rapper. She entertained the show’s shenanigans for one season but after failing to get support from a DJ she was seeing, she prepped her exit.

Hernandez also took issue with old clips of her fights regularly being aired during the show’s promo.

“I quit the show, so now you wanna run back these plays that I did three years ago,” Hernandez said in a 2018 Instagram video. “It’s not cool, Your show can never elevate. You’re always trying to downplay colored people, and Mona you should know better, [because] you Haitian.”

Although their beef continues, the mother of one remains optimistic that if she ran into Scott-Young, she would embrace her with open arms.

“The b—h know if she call me tonight I’mma get on the phone,” she exclaimed. “She don’t even got to go through too much I still got the same number.”

She added, “I ain’t got hate on her.”

Hernandez went on to discuss her family roots and her custody cast with Stevie. J over their daughter, Bonnie Bella. She also talked about her viral fight with Amber Rose on the BET series “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.” 

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