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‘Uh Oh’ Joseline Hernandez Seemingly Fires Shots at ‘LHH’ Producer Mona Scott-Young

It seems former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez‘s beef with Mona Scott-Young isn’t quite over.

Hernandez recently took to Instagram and uploaded a clip of her performance in Houston, Texas last week for her new single ” Finger Fuck a Check.” She appeared to be at a nightclub while debuting her new music to fans. However, the reality star’s shady caption threw fans off guard.

“I been a bad bitch wayyyy before season! Without me all of your seasons are done. #puertoricanprincess,” Hernandez wrote.

Joseline Hernandez

Social media took the star’s comment as a shady dig towards Mona Scott-Young and had several reactions.

“She made the show point blank. It’s dead as fk 😥 .”

“Views dropped big after she lef the show. She quit and now it ain’t worth the name no more she made the show.”

“I thought she made up with Mona 🤷‍♂️.”

“Come back to love and hip hop we miss you.”

“Girl that show ain’t missing you. It’s still just as messy and doing well.”

“Sorry you helped put a lil spice but you didn’t make the show it continued without you 💁🏽.”

Although Scott-Young has wished Hernandez nothing but the best, it seems the “Puerto Rican Princess” has yet to bury their hatchet.

Hernandez began feuding with the “Love and Hip Hop” executive producer after she quit “LHHATL” in 2017. She felt Scott-Young exploited people of color on the show and tried to portray her in a negative light by replaying old fight clips after she departed from the show.

“I quit the show, so now you wanna run back these plays that I did 3 years ago,” Hernandez said in an Instagram video last year. “It’s not cool, Your show can never elevate. You’re always trying to downplay color people, and Mona you should know better, [because] you Haitian.”

In July, Hernandez reignited her feud with Scott-Young after the producer seemingly took shots at her upcoming show “Joseline Takes Miami” during an interview with Wendy Williams.

“B—h did you go to Wendy to promote my show or yours???? God bless you, Mona b—h,” Hernandez tweeted. “Your show dropped 50 [percent] and if anyone call [sic] me with negativity, I’m going to curse you out. I give [two] f–ks about this dirty, crusty mouth hoe. Check me.”

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