‘That Was Nasty Business’: Stevie J’s Daughter Savannah Opens Up About Her Experience on ‘LHHATL’ and What Led to Her Fight with His Ex Joseline Hernandez

It’s been six years since Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J parted ways but the aftermath of their relationship left an impact on Stevie’s oldest daughter, Savannah Jordan.

The 24-year-old nearly came to blows with her father’s ex during the sixth season of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She opened up about their encounter and more during a recent episode of her friend Juliana Gainsburg’s podcast “Selling Your Circle.”

According to the ladies, their friendship dates all the way back to elementary school. 

Savannah Jordan (right) talks to Juliana Gainsburg (left) about the facade of reality TV and dishes on her former feud with Joseline Hernandez. (Photo: “Selling Your Circle“/YouTube)

Throughout the interview, Jordan candidly discussed all of the politics that went into play behind the scenes of reality television. Per Jordan, she was exposed to the limelight at a very young age due to her father being a Grammy award-winning producer and a popular reality star. 

Fans have watched Jordan on several reality shows, which she described as a “whirlwind of freaking experience.”

But “LHHATL” might be her most memorable one, as she explained the difficulty of being an inexperienced child who was put front and center of a show for the world to watch.

“You’re a child and somebody’s putting you in a situation headfirst not telling you anything that’s going on,” Jordan shared at the 16:22 mark. “’Cause I live in the real world, so it’s like I didn’t understand that that was such a false.”

The two girls then recalled a time when they received a phone call from Stevie J while they were in the eighth grade. Per Gainsburg, Savannah’s father told them that even though they may see a certain storyline unfold while watching “LHHATL,” nothing is ever truly what it appears to be. 

“Y’all heard that?” Jordan spoke into her microphone before reiterating, “It’s never what it seems!” 

One issue that wasn’t what it seemed was Jordan’s infamous sit-down with her father, her sister, Sade, and the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess.” 

The explosive interaction came after Hernandez went on a social media rampage about Stevie J. In the midst of it all, she began speaking negatively about Stevie’s daughter and Jordan’s little sister Eva, whom he shares with Mimi Faust

It can be inferred that Jordan felt obligated to defend her younger sibling and father, because she adamantly told Hernandez to leave her sisters out of her and Stevie J’s drama. The “Live Your Best Life (Do it Like Its Yo Bday)” artist apologized to Jordan and Sade for her immature actions online.

Jordan admitted her father might not have been the model boyfriend, but that doesn’t justify Hernandez speaking ill about the child of someone she was in a relationship with. Hernandez then attempted to explain that her hurt came from a touchy place after Stevie allegedly made her get an abortion, but Jordan did not care for her tears.

The conversation soon deteriorated and prompted Hernandez to tell the then-18-year-old, “You know you can’t beat me up, right?” 

While reflecting on the six-year-old situation, Jordan noted that she and Hernandez are the only ones who really know what transpired between them without all of the cameras, edits, and opinions from others.

“Me and you know, babe,” Jordan said out into the camera. “So, for you to get on a national platform that you know how to do so well. … I wasn’t a pro at it and you talking about some, ‘You know you can’t beat me up right?’”

“It was crazy because I was a child,” she confessed. “If I knew what I knew now, VH1, y’all owe me some more checks for that. ’Cause that was nasty business.” 

The two friends then switched gears to discuss Jordan’s time on “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She claimed was a “crazy experience” due to her already knowing how to maneuver on reality television. 

“They’re like, ‘She’s too much of a pro. We gotta break her,’” she stated. 

Stevie J shares his eldest daughter with businesswoman Carol Antoinette Bennett. The former couple also share a son together, Steven Jordan Jr. He and Joseline broke up for good months after the birth of their daughter, Bonnie Bella, in December 2016.

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